Beau Crystal

Name of Recipients:
Ms. Winny Chew and Ms. Jenny Goh

Established in May 2013 by Ms. Winny Chew and Ms. Jenny Goh, Beau Crystal is a full-service beauty and wellness salon, and is dedicated to achieve customer satisfaction through excellent service and quality products. With the best organic skincare products, healthcare, and body care technology, Beau Crystal offers a wide variety of slimming, facial, and wellness services. These include their signature facials, hair removal services, messages, eye and neck care, and other services such as eyebrow shaping and face threading.

For Jenny, the beauty industry was not something that was new to her. With professional training and fifteen years of experience, Jenny was a veteran in the industry, and had wanted to open a salon of her own. Approaching her friend Winny, who was an accountant, both friends decided to take up the entrepreneurial challenge, and hence, they established Beau Crystal.

As first time entrepreneurs, both Winny and Jenny discovered differences compared to their former careers. Winny said, “For me, I was working in a entirely different industry, and most of work was project-based.” The two of them agreed that their foray into entrepreneurship has allowed them more flexibility in their work, as well as more freedom to pursue career and business goals.

However, this also presented certain challenges when Beau Crystal first started operations. Jenny explained, “Even though I had experience in the beauty industry, I do not know much about managing the different aspects of a business, like marketing, sourcing for customers and products. We had never tried all these before. It was a learning curve for us.”

And learn they did. Through Internet research, as well as exchanging of information with their friends and suppliers, both Winny and Jenny started to learn about the art of marketing, and began to apply it onto their business. Armed with new knowledge, they launched their website and online promotions, and attended various training courses, all with the prospect of launching their business off the ground.

With their hard work, Beau Crystal soon began finding its footing within the competitive beauty industry. They particularly pride themselves on their knowledge of organic products and treatments, and also the quality of their staff therapists. Jenny said, “We very much emphasize on service and results. So all of our therapists abide by strict standards, and are experienced therapists with product training.” As a result, since their establishment, Beau Crystal have regularly achieve their monthly sales target, and both Winny and Jenny agreed that the company is doing well on all fronts, and the business is growing at a rate that they are satisfied with.

Now with a year of experience, Winny and Jenny shared with us what they have learnt most during their entrepreneurial journey. Winny said, “We learnt much on how to start a new business. And what is important was how to source and organize resources, as well as the business planning. We had to plan and take up the various risk and rewards associated with the business.”

The directors have attributed much of their success to the people around them. Winny said, “We are very encouraged by our parents and friends, who has supported us since the start. We also keep very good relations with our customers as well. With all these people standing by us, it gives us motivation to continuously better ourselves and the company.”

For aspiring entrepreneurs, the directors had this to say. “Especially in this industry, the updating of knowledge is very important. This affords you the expertise needed to achieve greater things for the company, and to be ahead of your competitors. Then, an entrepreneur should also be systematic about their business. Plan according to budget, and not to take unnecessary risks.”

With their flagship outlet at Clementi doing well, Winny and Jenny has plans to expand their business further. “We are currently looking for location for another outlet, either in the East or Central area. We are also looking to expand our current premises here, to four treatment rooms or more.”

Along their current line of success, there is no doubt that Beau Crystal, under the leadership of the directors, will accumulate more prestige in the years to come.

Contact Details:
320 Clementi Ave 4
#01-51 S(120320)
T| 6777 8872


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