Sin Yick Seng Bamboo Chick Centre Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Tony Neo

With many Singaporeans living in close-knit quarters like the HDB flats today, most of them highly value their privacy, and are willing to purchase additional items for their home to achieve that. Curtains and blinds certainly help to achieve this goal, and Sin Yick Seng Bamboo Chick Centre Pte Ltd, with over forty years of history in this industry, provides quality blinds and curtains for their client’s needs.

Now under the leadership of Mr. Tony Neo and his sister, Sin Yick Seng was established in 1970 by his father, and the business was passed down to Mr. Neo when his father passed away last year. Sin Yick Seng mainly specializes in the design and production of wooden venetian blinds, bamboo chick, blinds, and roller shades. Using only materials from the finest sources, Sin Yick Seng even has their own factory in Singapore, allowing fast and efficient service to their clients.

Mr. Neo’s father’s entrepreneurial journey began when he first came down and started a business with his three friends. His ambition piqued, Mr. Neo’s father later decided to start his own business, and hence the company Sin Yick Seng was born. For Mr. Neo, his foray into the company began in the year 1999, when he went to the factory to learn the basics of the business’s specialization. From production to installation, Mr. Neo had to learn the ins and outs of the business from scratch, and when his training was done, he came back and joined the company.

Now that he has taken over the company, Mr. Neo reflects on the challenges he has faced so far. “Especially in the last few months since my father passed away, I have had to take over the mantle of the company, which means more responsibilities and duties. For us, our main challenge lies in the competition from Malaysia companies. Their prices of their products are lower because of their cheap labour cost. For us, our company is here, and as the price of labour increase, so does our prices.”

“That said, our company’s location is in Singapore, and this makes it easier to follow up with our clients, should they experience any problems. For us, after-sales services are very important, and our location thus allows us to attend to our clients conveniently. Insisting on quality product output, Sin Yick Seng has over the years, amassed prominent clients such as Jack’s Place, Food Republic, as well as the Beaufort Hotel. A long history accompanied by experience has made Sin Yick Seng one of the most resilient Bamboo Chick company in Singapore today.

Having been in charge of the company for the last few months, Mr. Neo shares with us his inner process on his entrepreneurial journey. “There is still a lot to try to learn. For me, I learnt most of my knowledge from my father. I also try to learn new things from my competitors, to see how I can use this knowledge to help the business.” He further added, “In the trade industry, it is not like the others. Whoever wants to gain access into this industry should gain insider knowledge before venturing out on their own.”

Mr. Neo also encourages aspiring entrepreneurs to always persevere on despite the difficulties they may meet. “Have determination. Never give up, that is the most important thing. If you ever think about giving up, that’s it, the situation is already half lost.”

Under his leadership, Mr. Neo looks ahead to the future. “We will be moving to a bigger premises, and it will be easier for us to manage the company’s matters from there. We are also looking at the overseas markets, but right now it is slightly difficult to break into them. Sometime down the line, we hope that we will be able to go into the Europe and Africa markets.”

With many years of experience and history, Sin Yick Seng look forward to continue this history for many more years. Under the leadership of Mr. Neo, we have no doubt that the company will proceed to do just that.

Contact Details:
23 Yong Siak Street S(168652)
T| 6221 2071
F| 6225 5627

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