Sunrise Montessori

Name of Recipient:
Ms. Shirley Ang

Sunrise Montessori specializes in phonics and math to help children improve on their language and mathematical skills. In addition, their teaching materials are imported from the Netherlands’ Nienhuis Montessori International, the world’s largest provider of Montessori materials.

Having been in the early childhood education industry since 2004, founder Shirley Ang can confidently say that they have a track record of enabling children to read before primary One.

Shirley said that being around children makes her feel very happy. Moreover, she mentioned that she is also constantly learning from her students to become a better teacher. She said that the center’s philosophy of catering to each individual student’s needs has allowed her to form lasting relationships with them. This is also helped by the fact that the center provides a small teacher to student ratio, and as such, not only can students receive the adequate amount of attention from the teacher, but also, the teacher is able to bond with the students. Shirley went on to state that her joy from working with children stems from the fact that children are the beacons of purity. She is also filled with amazement because children are always receptive to learning new things all the time.

Seeing a vision of a sunrise in her dreams, Shirley decided that the best name for her center would be “sunrise”. She added that the name not only hearkens back to her dream, it also serves as a good metaphor to signify a new beginning for herself and her students. The name “Sunrise” not only invokes the idea of a fresh start, but also the power of hope and betterment for the future.

“You need to truly love the children and not do this only for money. You are building an environment of love, ultimately”, Shirley said. Furthermore, she mentioned that choosing to become an early childhood educator is a calling. The fact that Shirley takes her profession to be a calling suggests that she is constantly motivated to fulfill her daily role, as she believes that her role is an active one that can affect change in society.

Her students’ parents may pose some of the toughest challenges at times. She said that parents might disagree with certain measure undertaken by her at the center. However, Shirley is able to overcome this problem by building a rapport with parents. She added that by constantly interacting with parents, there is less chance of misunderstandings.

In addition, Sunrise Montessori also faced the problem of lower brand awareness due to them being relative newcomers in the industry. Despite that, Shirley remained persistent in her craft, she put up advertisements on Young Parents magazine to showcase her center to a larger audience. Moreover, Shirley continued to deliver all her promises by providing top-notch education. Overtime, she was able to establish trust with parents and a lasting relationship with her students.

Shirley also said that she is constantly motivated to teach because she enjoys being in the company of her students. She highlighted that she takes pride in providing her students with the best education she can give them. This is largely because she sees all her students as though they are her own children.

Giving advice to aspiring entrepreneurs, Shirley said, “If your heart is in this, money will automatically follow. Money will follow you when you do something well”. Furthermore, according to Shirley, a successful entrepreneur in early childhood education must also possess the quality of perseverance, understanding, and kindness.

Ultimately, the reasons for Shirley’s success is simply that she teaches and runs her center from the goodness of her heart. Furthermore, by building a culture of joy and learning, the students from Sunrise will only continue to thrive in the coming years.

As a parting message, Shirley, a devout Christian said, “I thank my God, my Lord Jesus Christ for His grace of calling me into the early childhood education.” Certainly, the strength that she musters from her faith is something that has propelled her into serving the community by ensuring that children mature and blossom like flower petals blooming.

Contact Details:
57 Marine Terrace Haven
#03-127 S(440057)
T| 6448 7432


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