Ichiban (Yunnan) Childcare Centre

Name of Recipient:
Ms. Sherie Mu

Ichiban (Yunnan) is a childcare center that provides early childhood education for children from eighteen months to six years old. The center functions using a philosophy that is unique in its own rights, as they believe in the power of relationships, experiences and building a nurturing environment for children to progress. The center also believes that every child is unique in his/her own rights, and that it is the role of the educators to bring out the best in every single student. As such, they allow and encourage their students to explore, discover, and solve problems on their own in order to learn about the joys of learning.

With a desire to pursue her passion in early childhood education, she courageously went to undertake a teacher-training course back in her homeland in China, after gaining her degree from Tianjin Normal University. Coming over to Singapore, she continued to pursue her interest, this time by joining Ichiban Kindergarten (Yunnan) as a director in 2005. She eventually became the managing director of the newly renamed Ichiban (Yunnan) Childcare Center in 2013 when she acquired the majority of the center’s shares.

The main concern when running a childcare center is the handling of parents. It is understandable that parents are concerned over their children’s education, as such, the center takes extra effort to communicate with parents and to be extra attentive and patient to the students. This effectively helps to build up a rapport between the center and parents.

In addition, the center is also home to an experienced team, as Sherie mentioned that she ensured that her teachers are all experienced and have actual hands-on experience in teaching.

One other way that the center stands out in the industry is their emphasis on the Chinese language. With the rise of China in the global economic scene, it has become more of an essential skill to be able to converse in Mandarin, as such, Ichiban’s focus on the Chinese language will allow their students to get a head start in the world from a tender age.

When asked about the meaning of entrepreneurship, Sherie said, “It is about creating and sustaining a self-made brand and being able to increase public awareness of that brand”.

She went on to add that a successful businessperson is someone who possesses a high level of self-control and is always passionate about his/her job. In addition, she mentioned that one must never see money as the sole objective and become a slave to money.

This approach has helped Ichiban gain the trust of many around. Sherie mentioned that Ichiban has managed to produce many talented students who then went on to become top students in the primary school level. She said that her center aims to provide a holistic education that covers a broad spectrum of children’s educational needs. This has also garnered a lot of positive feedback from parents, as the students at the center are all capable of reading and writing.

The name “Ichiban” is to symbolize that they are a center that aims to be the best early childhood education provider in Singapore.

Giving advice to potential entrepreneurs, Sherie said, “You must do everything on your own so that you can learn from the ground up”. This approach has most certainly served Sherie well, as she now knows how to manage the daily operations of the center on her own without much worries.

Furthermore, Sherie also said that the successful entrepreneur is one who is able to implement life-long learning into his/her life. It is only by also being a student of life, that a teacher is able to impart the importance of learning to students. Most importantly, Sherie said that, “You must have dedication in your work, be hard working, and always love your job”.

Ultimately, Ichiban is a center that has gain the recognition and trust of many because of their unique philosophy in early childhood education. Furthermore, their vision of encouraging hands-on learning for children is also something that will continue to add to their legacy of producing top student after top student for years to come.

Contact Details:
51 Yunnan Crescent S(638350)
T| 6795 3158
E| muziyu1216@hotmail.com

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