Emersion IT Services Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Jason Ngiam

People’s lives in the 21st century are inextricably interwoven with technology, and it can be said that technology is a daily necessity. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that technology works seamlessly in people’s daily routine, however, if a problem does crop up, Emersion IT Services will be there to provide damage control.

Established in 2012, Emersion IT Services is a one-stop IT firm that offers a myriad of services to clients. Among the many services, they offer network system and security firewall services. In addition, they often collaborate with various leading IT firms, such as NEC, NCS, and Dimensions Data, to name a few.

Emersion IT Services’ managing director, Jason Ngiam says that setting up his own IT firm is a way of capitalizing on his strengths. He mentioned that he worked as a network engineer before deciding to set up his own firm. He elaborated that his days as an employee taught him the necessary skills to survive and do well in the IT industry, and it is only after perfecting his craft, that he set his sight on becoming an entrepreneur.

The initial journey into entrepreneurship was a rocky path. Jason mentioned that his firm encountered some financial difficulties, as they were not able to secure a customer base. The problems continued as Emersion IT Services were also wondering about their sustainability and long-term survival in the industry.

Despite all the difficulties, the firm managed to not only survive, but to prosper. Jason said that everyone at the company worked doubly hard to ensure high productivity and good services. This work ethics, coupled with Jason’s contacts from his previous job, enabled Emersion IT Services to slowly build up a loyal customer base. With regards to the issue of long-term survival, Jason said that it is always up to the company to constantly discover new ways to reinvent themselves so that they stay current and contemporary in the market.

The firm manages to differentiate themselves in the IT industry by pledging themselves to have work ethics and expertise. This will ensure that the company actually manages to deliver the promises they make to their customers. Furthermore, Jason mentions that everyone at the firm focuses on their craft over everything else. This will lead to them constantly working to improve on their craft and thus providing better services for clients.

Emersion IT Services is on the cusp of expansion. They recently partnered with a UK company in a service partnership. In addition, the firm is also looking forward into expanding their operations to countries such as Malaysia and Thailand. The firm is also eager to impart more skills to its employees, as they are encouraged to further upgrade their skills and knowledge so they may potentially become business owners.

When asked about his proudest business achievements to date, Jason said that he felt honored when approached by the NCS to take on network upgrading projects for various public schools. He feels that this stands as a stamp of approval to the quality of work offered by his firm.

Jason also gave his take on the meaning of entrepreneurship, he said, “Be straight and transparent. Don’t overpromise, and always deliver what you promise”. Evidently, Emersion IT Services is a company that seeks to do right by their clients. To this, Jason added that reputation in the world of business is one of the integral factors for success.

Truly a person who enjoys his work, Jason stated “it’s the journey itself that is the most important”. This highlights that Jason stays inspired and motivated at his job as he truly enjoys what he does, and as such, he is able to see the good and the bad as further lessons for his personal growth and improvement.

Jason even offered advice for emerging entrepreneurs, he said, “It’s not about your own success, it’s about the success of everyone.” Clearly, the main aspect of maintaining a business is the ability to see the team more as a family rather than a means to get to an end.

Ultimately, what can be said about Emersion IT Services is that their relentless stance on quality in service has brought them much success over the years. In addition, their added ingredient towards success is also their belief in teamwork and truthfulness. It is only by combining all these fine traits that Emersion IT Services will undoubtedly see more success for many more years to come.

Contact Details:
1003 Bukit Merah Central
#07-22 S(159836)
T| 6100 7113
F| 6234 1737
E| enquiry@emersionit.com.sg


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