McLogic International Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Zane Teh

With the rise in the standard of living, Singaporeans are more likely to spend more on daily household items they need, with the aim not simply just on basic functionality but also on quality. One company, which has consistently provided such quality household products to Singaporeans, is McLogic International Pte Ltd, a major distributor to places such as Harvey Norman and Takashimaya.

Established by Mr. Richard Teh, McLogic International is now mainly helmed by his son, Mr. Zane Teh. McLogic International’s main specialization is the distributing of home appliances, living appliances, audio and visual appliances, IT accessories and more. With their connections, McLogic International has forged deals with household names in Singapore, such as Giant, Takashimaya, Harvey Norman, Mustafa, Audio House.

With over twenty years of experience, Mr. Richard Teh has garnered an impressive amount of experience, as well as intricate knowledge about how the distributing industry works. Under the influence of his father, Zane has been helping out with his father’s companies since he was young, learning the ropes of how the industry works, and even studying entrepreneurship in University, with the hopes that he will manage his own company when the time comes.

And he did. Alongside his father, Zane now manages much of the day-to-day operations of McLogic International. And he soon learnt about the challenges that came hand in hand with managing a business. Zane explained, “Our industry is different from other industries, and every single one of our accounts in pivotal to our business. If we lose one account, we lose a big account. Also, many people are in this industry, doing the same things we do. Hence, there is a lot of competition.”

To conquer these hurdles, Zane knows that McLogic International has to differentiate from their competitors. “We have to plan one step ahead. By look ahead, we know to preserve and maintain our relationships with our clients.” In addition, McLogic International prides themselves on their flexibility and range of products. “We have a wide range of products, from the economical to the high end. This allows for good marketing strategies to happen, and also part of what makes us different from other distributors.”

With their marketing and planning, McLogic soon grew to be one of the major distributors in the market. Zane said, “We are able to strike partnerships, and achieve accounts that other companies are not able to manage.” One of the points of pride for Zane also lies in the fact that they are able to maintain their business for as long as they did. “For every business, starting it is hard. But maintaining it is harder. By maintaining relationships with clients, we are already one head above the others.”

Zane credits much of his success to his father, Mr. Richard Teh, and cites him as his motivational figure. “I have been with him for enough years to be interested in the business. Right now, he is in a consultancy role in the company, but whenever I experience any downs in the business, I always turn to him for advice.”

Now armed with practical experience of managing a business, Zane knows well the elements one needs to be an entrepreneurial success. “It’s all about how you manage the company as a whole. Therefore, an entrepreneur needs to have a lot of people skills. They need to know how to be able to handle workers, but at the same time, to be tactful of people. Because being an entrepreneur and managing your company doesn’t mean you have the right to go over their heads.”

Additionally, Zane also believes an entrepreneur should be mindful of the progress of their company. “An entrepreneur should be careful never to expand out of their capabilities. There is a saying, ‘if you head is not so big, don’t wear such a big hat’, and this is an instance of that. Doing business means a lot of commitment, passion, and the aspiration to succeed. As the market is so saturated these days, not having these qualities will cause a business owner to burn out very easily.”

Riding on their current success, Zane hopes to achieve more things with the company in the near future. “For now, we plan to focus on the Singapore market for the next one to two years. Our plan is to expand our client base to places such as Robinsons, and FairPrice. After we achieve that, we would start thinking of how we can break into the regional Asian market.”

Under the leadership of Zane and Mr. Richard Teh, McLogic International has a bright future ahead for them. We look forward to seeing greater achievements from the company in the near future.

Contact Details:
7 Yishun Industrial Street 1
#03-54 S(768186)
T| 6848 9290


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