Skypace Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Kelvin Chia

Established in April 2011, Skypace has been in the project management and design consultancy business for a few years now. Through the years, they have helped provide works for restaurant Bao Today, Bread and Butter, World of Sports, Changi Airport, and many more. The list of renowned clients cements Skypace’s place in the industry, and it is also the company’s major source of motivation to continue to better themselves to provide high-quality services.

The company’s founder Kelvin stated that he went into his own business venture only after gaining much hands-on experience in the industry for fifteen years. He added that the ability to own his own business is something of a liberation for him as he is free to implement and experiment with different ways of working.

Kelvin mentioned that entrepreneurship is a true test of a person’s character. This is because the business world is cruel in nature; despite that, Kelvin said that one must continue to work hard and be sincere.

In addition, starting a business on his own also meant that he had to take on the added responsibility of talent relation. He stated that there was a steep learning curve as he fully recognizes the fact that people all have their own beliefs and preferences. Nevertheless, he is fully committed to the fact that people will be able to overcome their differences when they have a common bond and goal.

Started out as a “one-man show”, Kelvin had to juggle all of the work responsibilities. While it was a trying time, it taught him the ways of an entrepreneurship and has provided him with many insights and insider knowledge in the workings of the business world.

The problem with a new business is that they are unable to gain contracts from clients because of them being new in the industry. As such, the team at Skypace worked hard at being perfect in their chosen craft. Additionally, they also have the presence of mind to come up with more creative and innovative services to create a small niche in the industry.

Another way in which Skypace manages to make a name for themselves is to ensure that their team is highly experienced and skilled. Skypace is home to a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals who pledge themselves on delivering their customers’ promises. This has helped to ensure that clients are never disappointed when they choose to engage Skypace for their projects.

Moreover, one has to make personal sacrifices in order to be successful in business; Kelvin stated that he had to compromise his time with his family so as to get his business off the ground. It was a particularly difficult time for him, as he had to spend so much time away from his family in order to provide for their financial wellbeing.

When asked about his source of inspiration, Kelvin said that he is extremely thankful to his regular clients, as they have taught him a lot of things along the way. He is also grateful to them for placing so much trust in Skypace and their services. Kelvin also stressed on the importance of maintaining a work-life balance, he mentioned that it is only by having an equal amount of fun and work will a person be happy and committed in life.

The origin of the company’s name is indicative of their workplace culture. Kelvin mentioned that “sky” symbolizes the company’s dreams and aspiration to push themselves beyond their limits and transcend the status quo. As for “pace”, it shows that the company must consistently keep up the pace of work so that they can progress.

“In my line (of work), you have to be technically trained, so you know what you’re doing, and you must not only fill in the blanks, you must be innovative”, Kelvin said. He also urged potential entrepreneurs to have a good attitude in learning. He highlighted that a successful business is always one that has heart and is not driven solely for financial gains.

Evidently, Skypace is a company that is not only driven to produce works of originality and innovation; they also have a heart and soul. It is with their insistence on providing the best services that they can constantly win the praise of customers and carve out a piece of the project management and design industry for themselves.

Contact Details:
11 Woodlands Close #10-20
Woodlands 11 S(188979)
T| 6734 3212
F| 6734 3210


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