Dots Technology & Trading

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Steven Li

In every office, for a printer to function at an optimal level of productivity, the company needs to ensure that there is a steady influx of quality printer cartridges, toners, and paper. One company that is guaranteed to meet this need is Dots Technology & Trading, a company which already has more than eight years of experience in this industry.

Established in 2006 by Mr. Steven Li, Dots Technology & Trading specializes in the trading of original printer cartridges, toner cartridges, paper, printers and other related office products. They also offer buy back services for empty used printer ink and toner cartridges. With many years of experience and a wide client base, Dots Technology specially caters to the small-medium enterprises, as well as individuals in need of their services.

It all started with Mr. Li’s childhood dream, a dream to someday be a boss of his very own company. Furthermore, when he reached the age of fifteen, Mr. Li began work in this industry. He tells us, “When I first started working, it was already within this industry. I am familiar with how it works; the technical side, as well as the sales side.” With expertise and experience on his side, Mr. Li soon decided to take the plunge, and as a result, Dots Technology was established.

However, as a first time business owner, Mr. Li soon found out the challenges and difficulties an entrepreneur encounters. “At that time, I was running a one-man show.” Mr. Li said. “We did not have enough capital, and without sales, there was not really a purpose for the technical department.”

But Mr. Li was not about to give up without a fight. With a small profile, Dots Technology soon accumulated their client base, loyal buyers and clients who are willing to support their company. With hard work and effort, Dots Technology built up their reputation as a reliable and efficient service provider.

Priding themselves on their service and efficiency, Dots Technology has seen how it has helped to bring clients in. Mr. Li explained, “Our delivery service is much faster than others, and we also provide comprehensive after-sales technical support for our customers.” Building on their recent success, Dots Technology have recently acquired new premises in WCEGA Plaza, a step towards their planned expansion of the company.

Now armed with years of experience as an entrepreneur, Mr. Li knows what it takes to succeed in business. But, as he explains, the solution is simple. “If you want results, all you have to do is to put in the effort. You get as much as you put in.” To add to that point, Mr. Li also believes that entrepreneurs need to be very proactive in getting what they want. “They need to be aggressive. They will need to ‘chiong’. Otherwise, it is very hard to break through the industry.” Mr. Li then further advises, “There are a lot of sacrifices to be made, especially time sacrifices. Although I am now much more relaxed compared to when I first started, I had to sacrifice many time and things to get to where I am today.”

In light of their recent successes, Mr. Li has plans for how Dots Technology can expand. “We plan to focus on the local market first, and not to expand too aggressively. But we are definitely thinking of going into the photocopier line, to engage in the buying and trading of copiers. It is viable option for us as it is a related industry, but we do plan to introduce this slowly to our company’s lineup of services.”

With experience, skill, and ambition on their side, there is not a doubt that Mr. Li will continue to build upon what they have, and continue to lead Dots Technology into the brightest period in their history.

Contact Details:
31 Bukit Batok Crescent
#01-17 S(658070)
T| 6268 5823
F| 6268 3772


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