Offshore Construction Services Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Adam Neo

Established in 1988, Offshore Construction Services (OCS) is a service provider in procurement, engineering and construction for various oil, gas, and marine industries.

Armed with nothing more than a love for the business, founder Adam Neo says that he had to start from scratch at the beginning of his entrepreneurial journey. Despite the many difficulties, Adam was steadfast for his company to be built on respect. Adam states that people must have mutual respect for one another in daily life; only then, can this be translated into the working world. Clearly, OCS is not a company that is solely driven by financial returns, as they believe in being ethical and honorable in their actions.

As mentioned, the initial stage of business was not a bed of roses. Adam stated that he had little money growing up due to him being brought up in a poor household. However, he has never allowed his upbringing to hinder his dream of becoming successful in life. In fact, he started out his business being a “one-man show”, as he managed every single aspect of his operation. Adam mentioned that it was a tough time in his life; however, this gave him many important lessons in the ways of business.

The way to overcome many of the challenges is by being technically inclined and knowledgeable about the ins-and-outs of the business. These two qualities will allow any businessperson to stand up to the daily test of entrepreneurship. In addition, Adam also said that a good portfolio is the most important thing for a businessperson to build up, as potential clients will like to see the capabilities of a company before soliciting for their services.

When asked about how OCS stands apart from the other companies in the shipping industry, Adam beamed and stated: “We put our heart and soul into the work all the time.” OCS is also able to say that they are one of the few companies in Singapore that owns a waterfront location (that is one and a half times the size of a football field) so as to better facilitate bigger projects. Due to its sheer size the waterfront is able to take up to 1300 tonnes of weight, and has help OCS pull off many big projects over the years. In addition, OCS is also a company that is proud of their staff, and Adam also mentioned that the standard and quality given by the cohesive staff are the major contributing factors for OCS’s success.

Adam gave his opinion of the essence of entrepreneurship and said: “It is a challenge everyday, and you must always take responsibility for the future and your livelihood.” In short, this means that one must always work hard to improve on one’s craft and never shirk responsibility. This is not only the makings of a successful entrepreneur, but also an entrepreneur that people can trust and respect, two of the foremost tenets of OCS.

Always the consummate professional, Adam emphatically stated: “I have loved this job since day one, and it is my mission to make sure the company continues to move forward.” Evidently, Adam is a person who has a clear goal in mind and focuses his energy onto realizing that goal.

Therefore, it seems almost natural that OCS has managed to garner much positive acclaim and awards from various sources and organizations. The accolades act as a validation of the team at OCS and symbolize that hard work and dedication does pay dividends, and that dreams do come true for those who try.

Giving advice to potential up-and-coming entrepreneurs, Adam said: “Don’t depend on luck, you must know your stuff and insider knowledge, that way you can succeed.”

Ultimately, OCS’s success is almost self-explanatory, as they succeed because they have a strong foundational belief within the organization. OCS is a company that believes in their heritage of hard work, dedication, and trust. It is with the combination of these values that OCS is able to become a major innovator and game changer in the industry.

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31 Benoi Lane S(627817)
T| 6545 9397
F| 6542 9490


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