Jingkia Car Services

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Tan Jing Kia

Any services that a car requires, you can always find a peace of mind with Jingkia Car Services, all under one roof.

Founded in the year 2000, Jingkia Car Services never fails to impress each and every customer with their acclaimed aptitude and professionalism, keeping them coming back. Recognized for their pledged proficiency in engine repair, panel beating and air­con servicing, Mr. Tan Jing Kia, the Founder of the company builds his business with his very own hand, from scratch.

Unlike many of his friends, Jing Kia never got the opportunity to pursue his desired education. Starting out as an apprentice with a PSLE qualification, Jing Kia drew a humble salary of less than $1,500 a month. Foreseeing that no matter how far he progressed as an employee, he will still face a cap limit on his salary. He ascertained that he had to do something about the problem, and this ignited the genesis of his entrepreneurial journey.

“As an employee fetching a salary of less than two thousand dollars who needed to provide for my family, I was barely making ends meet, thus it is impossible for me to have savings for business”, says Jing Kia, “So I have to sell away my four room flat to start this business, and I am grateful for the support from my wife”.

Established with a humble set up, Jing Kia started without a customer base at all. Moving into a brand new area, the down­to­earth founder will personally distribute his flyers during lunch and dinnertime. “We have to treasure every single customer that comes in, regardless of their background, and we provide them with services that will make them feel important.”, Jing Kia emphasize. Building his business one step at a time through sincerity and honesty, he now serves a loyal customer base of more than seven hundred accounts, all acquire purely through word-of-mouth.

Everything seems impossible until it is done. “It is inevitable that you will receive criticism, especially during your initial stage, and it is important to know and focus on your personal resolution.” says Jing Kia. Despite many adversities, Jing Kia managed to buy a maisonette unit and own his first car by his second year of business.

Running a team of five loyal employees who has worked with him since their teenage years, they operate as a family on shared principles. Being a patient individual who never loses his temper, the soft-spoken Jing Kia has his affirmative influence on his employees pertaining to this aspect. “It is very important to have your staff put on a smile at all times and never argue with customers in any situation”, he elaborates. Working with them for more than a decade, Jingkia never fails to reward them by increasing their allowance during the good times, and salary decrement is never in his dictionary. “There are no boss among us, and all of us get our hands dirty on the job. It is a sense of satisfaction and achievement to have watch them grow, especially when I always receive feedbacks from my customers complimenting them which makes me really proud.” Jing Kia added.

In his fifth year of operation, when the price of Certificate of Entitlement (COE) dropped to $20,000, Jing Kia had to play a long waiting game and faced a tough time. As first­hand cars were cheaper than used car then, majority of his customers purchased a brand new car, and this led to a slowdown in business for him. “It is so bad that we have to take turns to go on unpaid (leaves) among ourselves to reduce cost”, he elaborates, “and idle throughout the day on working days.” However, Jing Kia is grateful to have the understanding and loyalty of his employees throughout this slow period of meltdown.

Placing customers’ fulfillment as his top priority, Jing Kia believes in long-term goal, and that it is fine to sacrifice profits at times in order to maintain a strong loyal customer base. “More often than not, this sacrifice pays off in a long run.” he added. In 2011, his customer base has grown to the level where he required another unit to be able to hold them. Being the first batch of tenants at Auto Point, he runs his second outlet within the same building.

Every wise thing we do in the good times will contribute to our best time. Jing Kia remains conservative in his finance management. “We have to save more during our good times so that we stay unafraid and always prepared should any crisis hit us.” he said. Instead of indulging himself in luxury, Jing Kia chooses to invest in better machineries to service his customers better. “I don’t have to drive big cars or wear branded goods because I am contented as long as I am doing much better off than being an employee and able to provide my family a comfortable life”.

If you have a dream, work towards it. Jing Kia will continue to operate his business to the best of his potential in order to give his fullest attention to every single customer. “Instead of investing in bigger workshop, I will rather use the funds to provide my employees with more allowance.” he elaborates. As discussed and agreed upon by all his employees, Jingkia will invest in upgrading his machines to stay abreast with current technology, as well as to expand the team when his customer base increase to the scale that requires him to. Under the leadership of Jing Kia, the team at Jingkia Car Services will no doubt make a bigger name for themselves in the industry with their skills and expertise.

Contact Details:
Blk 10 Ang Mo Kio Autopoint #05-09
Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2A S(568047)
T| 6481 4055
E| tanjingkia@yahoo.com.sg


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