Symbolic Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Billy Kong

Symbolic Pte Ltd is a moneylending company that hopes to help out people in dire straits. Financial embarrassment is something that most people seek to avoid, however, falling behind on one’s finances is something that is getting more prevalent in modern day Singapore. As such, more and more people are seeking help from licensed moneylender as they provide the only source of solace for them. It is Symbolic that stands as a trustworthy and reliable moneylending company since 2008.

Being in the moneylending industry is certainly no walk in the park. The industry is plagued with a negative stigma that more often than not only highlights the negative side of their business. However, there is always an element that critics seem to miss, and that is the fact that many people fall behind on their finances and may have nowhere to go.

It is little news that dire circumstances may cause one to do things that may cause harm to others. As such, companies like Symbolic are important in providing a helping hand for people at low points in their lives. It can be interpreted that they lend a helping hand to those in need to bring them out of their dark days.

Symbolic’s director Billy Kong mentioned that it is extremely important for entrepreneurs in the moneylending industry to follow the government’s rules and regulations strictly. This way they will not find themselves unknowingly violating certain laws and being on the wrong side of the law.

Billy said that the most important way to overcome certain challenges in business would be to try hard and always do so with kindness. This has certainly allowed Symbolic to move forward even with the government forbidding money lending companies from advertising.

While many other moneylending companies cease operations after only a year, Symbolic has been around since 2008. This is most certainly not a mere coincidence as the Symbolic team work day and night in order to ensure that they continue with their high standard of customer service in daily operations.

Billy proudly stated that the award is a validation of his staff’s hard work and dedication. It is obvious that that teamwork is vital in a company and more often than not it is the deciding factor in a company’s quest for success. This clearly illustrates the idea that no single individual makes the team and it is an opinion that Billy espouses as he said, “This award is not only for me, this award is also the achievement of my staff. I have a very good team”.

Shattering the negative stereotypes, Billy said that he views his job to be more than merely a moneylender. He said that he is actually contributing to society through Symbolic by helping those in need. Billy said that setting up Symbolic has actually helped him become more generous, as he learns that there are a lot of people who require help, and he has learnt that it is joyful to be able to give back to the community.

Giving advice to potential entrepreneurs, Billy said, “You will need to work hard and have a good team. On top of that, you must have good timing to be able to make full use of golden opportunities”.

Ultimately, what is evident about the success of Symbolic is that it is build with the sweat and tears of all those involved. Their success is more than well-deserved as it not only signals the success of a company, it also shows that dreams do come true for individuals who aspire for change and have the courage and determination to follow through. This award serves as a testament to Symbolic’s success and also symbolizes that the best is yet to come for the company.

Contact Details:
183 Toa Payoh Central
#01-300 S(310183)
T| 6345 9123


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