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Name of Recipient:
Ms. Amruta

Innate Montessori is the brainchild of Miss Amruta. She dreamed about providing world-class foundational education for pre-primary school children after laying down her elder daughter’s foundation. She was inspired to provide more children with a better education because she sees that children possess a lot of promise in their early age.

Armed with nothing but a genuine passion for early childhood education, Amruta forged ahead with her goal to set up her own Montessori center. Amruta is an educator with a strong belief in the Montessori way of education. She is confident in the system as she says that all her students are able to cope with primary education without any difficulty. In addition, she also mentioned that her students remain one of the more disciplined bunch, as there has never been reports of physical altercations in the center.

According to Amruta, this can be attributed to the care and education that the students receive. She mentioned that the staff at Innate Montessori all stand behind that mission to do right by their students.

“The Montessori method is an attempt to educate the child in a scientific manner, but more importantly, every child will be able to learn at their own pace, as they all have different lessons plans”, Amruta added. For that, she believes that the Montessori method allows every student to be treated as individuals and accepted as unique, regardless of their learning pace. Moreover, Innate Montessori is also passionate and committed in helping children unleash their creativity. Amruta said that the ethos of the school allows children to express themselves with no fear of suppression or judgment from the teaching staff.

Amruta has a very unique approach in education. She mentioned that she started her center with only six students, and that she taught for free during the initial stages. She said that she was able to prove her teaching abilities by teaching these six students, on top of that, parents of those students will also see that Amruta’s intention for going into education is borne out of genuine compassion. It was with this unique approach that Innate Montessori has garnered much praise and adoration.

When asked about some of the challenges she faces daily, Amruta said the handling of parents might at times prove to be testing. She highlighted that early childhood educators must have an added dimension of also educating and bonding with parents. Innate Montessori recognizes that the involvement of parents in a child’s education is important, as such; they constantly encourage parents to come into the center to take part in their children’s activities.

Innate Montessori is most proud of their students, which they affectionately call, “stars”. Amruta says that many of her ex-students will still come back to visit their former teachers, and many have mentioned that Innate has given them the necessary tools for their success in primary school and beyond. The ability to affect change in children’s lives is the main source of pride for the team at Innate Montessori, and they are constantly validated by the amazing performances of their alumni.

When asked to give advice to aspiring entrepreneurs, Amruata said, “Always give 100%, be passionate and dedicated in your craft. Most importantly, you must be a leader”. She went on to elaborate that it is vital that up-and-coming entrepreneurs gain experience and also urged them to unite the staff. It is only by combining all these traits that one can hope to become a complete and well-rounded entrepreneur who will be consistent in his/her chosen craft.

“Grow, I will grow. Bloom, I will bloom. This is because what I’m doing is from my heart”, Amruta stated. Evidently, the center is a place where educators teach with their hearts, it is a remarkable gift for students, as they are fortunate enough to be given an exceptional experience at a young age. This award not only symbolizes the talents and dedication of everyone at Innate Montessori, it also acts as an affirmation to these unsung heroes who help bring up the leaders of future generations to come.

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