Moca Salon

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Alan Pang

While some may view a haircut as just that, Moca Salon’s founder, Alan Pang chooses to see a haircut as the gateway to one’s self-confidence.

After working for others for ten years, Alan felt that he was ready to open up his own salon. He feels that this industry has brought out the best in him, as he is able to express himself creatively. The decision to open up his own salon is so that he is able to fully make use of his creativity and vision.

Walking into his humble salon, one gets the feeling that Alan is more interested in communication and friendship. This he confirms, as he expressed that he wanted to make his salon as cozy as possible for his customers. He said, “I want to be on friendlier terms with my customers”.

Alan’s initial decision to go into hairdressing was not easy did not come with much approval. His father initially rejected his decision to become a hairdresser. However, Alan chose to pursue his dreams and went ahead with his decision. His dream took him overseas, where he eventually studied in schools by Toni & Guy and Vidal Sassoon. Starting initially as a shampoo boy upon returning to Singapore, Alan worked through the ranks to become a bona fide hairstylist in upscale salons, before finally deciding to open up his own salon.

However, business is not always smooth sailing. Alan mentioned that difficult customers might come around once in a while. With regards to that, Alan says that one must always remained disciplined and patient. This is because he believes in the power of reason, and that every single problem can be solved when people talk things through in a harmonious fashion.

Moreover, it should be duly noted that Moca Salon is a “one man show”, which means that Alan is the employer and employee rolled into one. He mentioned that this has caused some difficulties because customers would call him to ask for appointments even while he was on holidays. Rather than take it as a hindrance, Alan chooses to view such situations as a validation of his hairdressing skills, and will more often than not find ways to cater to customers.

One of the ways in which Moca Salon is able to differentiate themselves from others in the industry is that customers have a close-knit relationship with Alan. Alan said, “We are just like a family”, and went on to add that, on top of having deep conversations with his customers, he would even cook for some of them. Customers will even tell Alan their problems in life, and many treat him as a confidante. Moreover, Alan mentioned that he has seen many of his customers since they were in secondary school.

When asked about the meaning of entrepreneurship, Alan said, “Entrepreneurship is creating opportunities for myself, so that I can explore my talents and creativity”. He went on to say that this mindset would always enable him to be able to perfect his craft as every single time he is asked for his service; he learns something new from it. This will eventually improve his productivity and bring about more customers to his door.

When asked about his daily source of motivation and inspiration, Alan says that he is pleased to be able to meet customers on a daily basis. He went on to elaborate that meeting with his customers has brought him a lot of joy, as he loves the companionship that it provides. In addition, many a times, when customers tell him about their problems, he is able to offer a listening ear for them. The human interaction gives him a great of satisfaction in his job, and keeps him constantly joyful and happy.

Being a simple man, Alan said that he named his salon “Moca” based on the fact that it is simple, and thus, people can easily remember the name of the salon without any difficulty.

Giving advice to up-and-coming entrepreneurs, Alan said, “Work hard, be patient, do not give up hope, be sincere, be honest, lastly, be friendly”. This is clearly Alan’s recipe to success, as he exemplified that with his friendly and warm personality, coupled with skill and knowledge of the hairdressing industry.

Clearly, the passion and drive of Alan is infectious, as customers soon become his closest friends and confidantes. It is also with this deep sincerity and expertise that Moca Salon will continue to be a salon respected for its warmth, kindness, and service, for a long time to come.

Contact Details:
15 Siglap Road #01-06
T| 8200 0093


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