JD Credit Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Ms. Jasmine Poh

Living in a fast paced society like Singapore, people more often than not find themselves falling behind on their finances. Some may overlook certain expenses, and it will lead to them to acquire debts that they did not know even existed. It is with this that JD Credit steps in.

JD Credit is a moneylending company that specializes in many types of services, including personal, payday, business, and foreigner loans. JD Credit assures their customers that they are getting the best service that they can expect.

Citing the lack of freedom as a major hindrance of being an employee, founder Jasmine Poh decided to carve out her own world through entrepreneurship. She mentioned that she started her business at a young age and that gave her the advantage because she is able to have more years to learn and gain knowledge and experience as a business owner.

Jasmine also stated that all good businesses arise from good ideas, as such it is extremely important for potential business owners to be creative and innovative in coming up with new ideas. She said, “One must always keep upgrading and finding new opportunities in order to do well in business”.

JD Credit is also a company that prides themselves on customers’ satisfaction. They are fully aware that a company’s existence is fully dependent on its service to customers. As such, JD Credit ensures that not only do they provide efficiency in services; they also do it with a heart.

Jasmine also talked about her motto for success. She said, “No matter what, work harder than anyone, in any case, in Singapore, you have no choice but to work”. This is obviously the most vital trait of all successful entrepreneurs, as they all share the same resolute belief in hard work.

On top of that, one must always be responsible for one’s own actions. Additionally, the ability to take calculated risk is also a good trait to have, as a business owner is always a prudent risk-taker.

JD Credit is able to differentiate themselves from their direct competitors as they choose to focus on personal relationships as opposed to revenue. This is not a mere marketing ploy; it is out of their owners’ goodwill that they decide to set up a business to help people facing financial difficulties. This worked in JD Credit’s favor, as customers tend to return back to them as they feel that the company is reliable and trustworthy. The company also offers customized plans for every single customer who walks through their doors. This will ensure that customers are not treated like faceless entities, where a homogeneous loan package will suffice.

As with many moneylending companies across the island, JD Credit faces certain government restrictions that prohibit them from advertising and expansion. Despite the obvious difficulties, the company has been able to do well in their daily operations. This is because they ensure that they have enough manpower in order to keep a high level of efficiency.

Personal drive to perfect one’s craft is also essential in the world of business. Jasmine added that one must always look forward and learn new skills; she went on to elaborate that the world is constantly changing, and therefore it would only make sense for people and businesses to change accordingly.

Ultimately, it is only through constant upgrading and improving that JD Credit is able to achieve the level of success today. It will not be too presumptuous to suggest that JD Credit will only continue with its service of excellence for many more years to come.

Contact Details:
531 Upper Cross Street
#01-38 S(050531)
T| 6292 7717
F| 6396 8789
E| jdcredit@yahoo.com.sg


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