Ideal Marine Services (S) Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
William Yap

With every single industry, there will always be a demand for talented individuals who possess the necessary skills. Ideal Marine Services is a company that helps to provide different marine companies with the necessary talents required for daily operations. In addition, the company is also responsible for providing maintenance for ships.

The company’s managing director, William Yap, mentioned that he has always wanted to expand the size of his expansions and make the company more international. Ideal Marine Services managed to expand on their operations through sheer hard work alone; William mentioned that the only way toward success is through sheer grit and perseverance.

In addition, Ideal Marine Services also manages to create a niche for themselves as they decided to make themselves a customer-centric business. The company takes pride in the services that they offer and believe in perfecting their craft so as to serve their customers better. This approach has paid off, as more customers started to flock to Ideal Marine Services due to word-of-mouth referrals.

The company is seeking to expand its operations in the near future, as they hope to diversify and expand on the types of services offered by them. They plan to offer ship management services in the near future.

William is extremely proud of the fact that the company is able to bring their operations overseas. He feels that the opportunity will help the company improve, as they need to be able to adapt to the different cultures and environments. This will help provide everyone the needed learning opportunities to improve on their skills.

William also talked about the meaning of entrepreneurship, and he says that one must always have a sense of responsibility when it comes to running a business. He elaborated that one must always strive to take responsibility for one’s own actions, as such, success or failure, depends solely on the individual. Moreover, when he talked about his company, he says, “It is like my own child”. Clearly, the company must be more than a business to the entrepreneur, as a company is something that one holds dearly.

When asked about his daily source of inspiration, William mentioned that he owes a lot to the owner of Marlow Navigations, one of our main customers. He highlighted that the owner of Marlow Navigations helped out his company during the early days, and part of Ideal Marine Services’ success may be attributed to the selflessness of his benefactor.

Clearly, the success of Ideal Marine Services is carved through much hard work and determination. As such, the advice that William would like to give potential entrepreneurs is that one must always be hardworking. In addition, an entrepreneur must always be trustworthy, this is because trust will always be that special something that binds a company with their customers. A simple mantra that William ascribes to his business is, “Let your clients trust you”.

Moreover, the importance of workplace harmony cannot be ignored. This is because the cohesiveness of a workplace will directly impact the work rate of a company. William even gave an example to illustrate the point he made, he mentions that a good work place is one like a well-oiled ship, and everything works together in synchronicity, and problems can be easily solved.

Ultimately, what is visible about Ideal Marine Services is more than the success they have garnered so far, but the amount of mental strength that everyone in the company possesses. It is only by channeling the mental strengths into pragmatic action that a company is able to function as a unit, and this unit will inevitably see success for many more years to come.

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T| 6299 7805
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