iSmart Montessori Kindergarten

Name of Recipient:
Ms. Linda Wong

iSmart Montessori is an early childhood education center that seeks to provide children with a holistic education not only to achieve academic success, but also to become leaders of tomorrow.

After many years spent as an accountant, Linda decided to follow her passion and decided to set up her own center to provide early childhood education. There was a slip learning curve, as she had no experience in this industry. Linda said that she not only had to learn the intricacies of early childhood education, she also had to slowly acquire the skills needed for entrepreneurship. Linda said, “You have to be humble and willing to learn in order to succeed in any line of work”, evidently, it shows that Linda is a person who is willing to start from scratch in order to learn the ropes of the industry.

Linda mentioned that one must always possess the trait of perseverance in order to be successful in anything in life. In addition, she also mentioned that one must be savvy and create brand awareness, those in itself will help to answer the business side of entrepreneurship.

The center seeks to integrate the best pedagogical styles and approaches in order to better provide for a child’s formative education. Their curriculum even includes lessons as diverse as abacus and English speech and drama. Linda mentioned that both programmes offer something outside of the typical school curriculum and seeks to enable their students to be well rounded in different areas. Abacus classes will be able to facilitate students’ learning of arithmetic, while speech and drama classes are set up to allow students a chance to gain self-confidence by taking part in performances.

There are many ways in which iSmart Montessori sets themselves apart in this industry. The center offers enrichment classes on Saturdays in order to provide the necessary help for students who are less academically inclined. The center also provides phonics and reading comprehension classes so that students are more able to cope with the demands of primary education in the local school system.

When asked about plans for the future, Linda stated that she plans to give her students more opportunities to go on field trips. She places a lot of emphasis on field trips because it offers children the chance to gain more experience in the world. This experience will therefore allow them to become more worldly and knowledgeable about current affairs, culture, and history. Moreover, the center is also interested in providing their students with more exposure in areas of the arts.

Linda mentioned that she remains extremely proud to be held in high regards by those around. She went on to elaborate that the ability to see many students referred to the center by word of mouth is something truly special. In addition, she also mentioned that she is extremely proud whenever her students do well in primary schools. She stated that the feeling of pride is unparalleled as it shows that all her hard work and effort have paid off.

Talking about the meaning of entrepreneurship, Linda said, “you must be adaptable, make changes when situations arise”. Clearly the most important aspect of entrepreneurship is one’s ability to make changes in order to adapt in different predicaments. By being adaptable, it is also obvious that one must be knowledgeable about the trends in contemporary times.

Linda mentioned that a successful businessperson is also an individual who is a great problem solver. To be able to be a problem solver, one must possess the ability of quick thinking without making any careless mistakes. Linda was also quick to mention that she has met kind people along the way, and they were gracious enough to help her gain her footing and offer her wise advice when she was in doubt.

Giving advice to potential entrepreneurs, Linda said that a person is never judged by the amount of success achieve, as a person is always measured by his/her ability to overcome adversity and hardship.

Ultimately, iSmart Montessori is a center that is able to attain a high level of success as they are able to stay current and constantly upgrade themselves. It is these very qualities that will enable the center to maintain their success for many years to come.

Contact Details:
256 Bangkit Road
#02-73 S(670256)
T| 6877 9158


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