Yeh Lai Siang Gourmet Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Huny Tan

Satisfaction is an intriguing concept. Satisfaction is an entrepreneur’s greatest invention. Satisfaction does not discriminate. Satisfaction does not care whether a person is poor, whether a person comes from a good family, or what his skin color is. Any entrepreneur can produce satisfaction. Regardless of the scale of his business, an entrepreneur could procure satisfaction when he sees the results reaped and proliferated from his actions.

Yeh Lai Siang Gourmet, a Chinese phrase defining “evening fragrance”, a fitting reference to what the company operates as. Yeh Lai Siang Gourmet is a Chinese traditional food caterer, catering superlative food to a comprehensive clientele base, ranging from governmental bodies, small-to-medium enterprises and multi-national conglomerates. Powered by more than 30 adept personnels for nigh-on 30 years, the leader behind all operations is none other than Mr Huny Tan. Mr Tan explicated the reasons behind commencing Yeh Lai Xiang: “It was all about interest. I believe the food and beverages industry’s potential to grow over time. Hence, I decided to start out this business.”

It’s a cinch for many budding businesses to be fraught with financial difficulties at its initiation. Yeh Lai Siang Gourmet was no different. However, a true magnificent leader will prevail over his hindrances by making do within his means. A shining example of such a feat is none other that Mr Tan. “Without much capital on hand, I had to resort to doing small scale businesses to sustain the company. It was tough.” No adversity is too arduous for the best of the best entrepreneurs, what Yeh Lai Siang Gourmet upholds is its sinew as a team. “What makes us so special is that we work as a team. Only as a team, we are then able to overcome problems met in running Yeh Lai Siang Gourmet.” Mr Tan added on, describing what makes Yeh Lai Siang Gourmet superior from the trade.

Such superiority had aided Yeh Lai Siang Gourmet to prosperity and imminent success. Many governmental and high ranked officers utilizes Yeh Lai Siang Gourmet’s services for their personal gathering, after getting to know the supremacy Yeh Lai Siang Gourmet held in the industry. What makes Mr Tan proud of Yeh Lai Siang Gourmet is not about its materialistic achievements, but the way the company stands in face of setbacks. “With not much resources, we are able to overcome all the problem with our teamwork. To me, this marks the greatness of our company itself, being able to have the quality of teamwork.” Mr Tan expressed his high regards on the quality of teamwork.

“Our motivation comes from the people; the customers, who had supported us since day 1. Without them, we would not possess the courage to push on when met with problems.” Mr Tan continued, “Due to this fact, I think that entrepreneurship is a form of contribution to the society. Throughout the operations of Yeh Lai Siang Gourmet, I had realized that an entrepreneurship is formed by the support of the public. They are the one who helped your business to grow. Without them, there won’t be success.” With this philosophy in mind, Mr Tan proceeded on to build Yeh Lai Siang Gourmet into one of the most outstanding catering provider in the country. Through the application of hard work, diligence, practicality and humbleness, Mr Tan’s attempt in the entrepreneurial world is a resounding success.

Success does not come easily. “Only though hard work, then success will be realized. An entrepreneur must possess diligence, the ability to work hard. If one is too arrogant, he shall not succeed, as he will see improvement as unnecessary. An entrepreneur must be down-to-earth, practical, and be humble.” Mr Tan urged. “In my personal opinion, only with all these qualities, then an entrepreneur has the chance to succeed.”
Mr Tan also shared some expansion plans being executed in the process: “We are branching out Yeh Lai Siang Gourmet’s operation by introducing catering services for many other variety of cuisines. We have already established Leader Food Private Limited, and Oh’s Farm Catering Services to help facilitate this expansion.” Mr Tan added on: “We believe this expansion shall bring Yeh Lai Siang Gourmet to greater heights.”

Through Mr Tan’s persistence, Yeh Lai Siang Gourmet has is now a locally renowned caterer, serving to all sectors of the country. However, his persistence does not cease there. Mr Tan’s tenacity towards success is something all of us can learn from.

Contact Details:
3017 Bedok North Street 5 #02-13
Gourmet East Kitchen S(486121)
T| 6743 1067
F| 6243 1169


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