Tai Li Engineering & Consultancy Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Ms. Jill Chiang

Established in 2005, Tai Li is a company that specializes in many different services. The services include project management, construction services, general building construction, the procurement of land, and many more.

Helmed by Jill Chiang and her close friend Mr Tan Sim Lay, they are a team that complements each other and work seamlessly together as a team. Jill used to work in the finance industry while Mr Tan worked in the marine industry during his younger days. They decided to embark on a joint venture because they both share the same vision for business.

Tai Li faced many challenges during the early days of their start-up. The company had certain financial difficulties because they were relative unknowns in the industry at that time. As such, they did not have many references with regards to their services and work.

Despite the obvious difficulty faced, both directors refused to give up and instead worked even harder. Mr Tan worked at networking to create higher brand awareness for the company. He eventually managed to prove to clients that Tai Li is a reliable company that will be able to produce good services consistently. However, both directors are also prudent in their business as Jill mentioned that they had to be alert, as they had to find reliable clients.

Jill mentioned that Tai Li operates in a very unique manner. This is because Tai Li refuses to function with a reactive approach; instead, the company chooses to anticipate problems before it even happens. That way, they are able to put in place preventive measures to prevent the worst from happening. Moreover, they also value the importance of teamwork and stated that it is vital that there is a sense of chemistry in the workplace.

When asked about Tai Li’s proudest business achievements to date, Jill said that the ability to meet customers’ expectations is the company’s greatest achievement. This is because a company is simply unable to exist without their customers, and as such, Tai Li remains grateful for their clients’ trust and faith in their services.

Answering the question about the meaning of entrepreneurship, Jill states that one must always be alert and have one-pointedness in their approach. Jill mentioned, “Being focused and discipline is very important, if you don’t, you will most likely become stagnant and outdated”. In addition, time management is also a skill that is essential in business. This is because a successful business owner must be an individual who is able to make use of time and ensure to cut out unnecessary measures to reduce wastage.

Jill mentioned that she sees Mr Tan as her mentor, and that he has taught her many important lessons about the inner workings of the business world, as Mr Tan was already an established businessman when they started. Jill even went on the record and said, “Mr Tan is one of the most focused and disciplined people one can ever meet”. And with Mr Tan choosing to ask Jill to venture into a partnership, it shows that their business relationship is one that is founded on mutual respect and admiration.

Furthermore, Jill even offered her opinions on the makings of a successful entrepreneur. She said that a successful entrepreneur is always an individual who is determined and motivated at all times. Adding on to that, she stated that one must always keep abreast of trends and affairs of the world. She said, “An entrepreneur must be able to adapt, and always have perseverance”, this clearly underscores that a successful business owner is not only one who is able to manage a staff, but also, he/she must be individuals who are able to have the mental strengths to persevere even though the situations may not always be in their favor.

Ultimately, Tai Li is a company that has been able to progress so far because of an undying sense of perseverance and a sound mind. It is with these two vital traits that will continue to provide the needed zest for Tai Li to continue to achieve success for many years to come.

Contact Details:
9 Jurong Town Hall Road #02-27
iHub Building S(609431)
T| 65608928
F| 65608938
E| jill@tailiengrg.com.sg


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