Transcool Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Bob Loh

Established in 2004, Transcool is a company that specializes in the distribution of buses, coaches, and trucks within the ASEAN region. They also deal with the sale and installation of air conditioning and refrigeration services for coaches and trucks.

Helmed by managing director, Bob Loh, Transcool is a company that is making headways in the industry. Bob mentioned that he has always wanted to set up a business of his own. He said that he saw the right timing to go into business and decided to take the plunge. However, Bob was also quick to point out that success happens only when practice meets opportunity. As such, rather than depend solely on luck to be his guide, he decided to work hard in order to achieve his goal.

Bob stated that automobiles have always fascinated him since a young age. He said, “As a child, my favourite toys were my toy cars, trucks, buses. The number of toy and remote controlled automobiles I had far out-numbered the other toys I owned!” Clearly, this shows that Bob’s decision to venture into business is triggered due to passion rather than monetary rewards.

However, his journey into entrepreneurship was not exactly a picture-perfect one. He mentioned that customers were initially resistant to the idea of purchasing products made in Mainland China. The common issue that customers would cite is the reliability of said products. To tackle this issue, Bob would use test reports and various quality assurance certifications of vehicles to show his customers that the products offered are in fact, top-notch.

Moreover, the company also faced some financial hurdles in the early days. Bob mentioned that they needed to maintain and control their overhead expenses while they were still starting up. In order to move pass this hurdle, they had to constantly review their work processes to cut out any wastage or unnecessary cost. This measure proved to be successful as they were able to transfer their savings to facilitate better services for their customers.

Through much trial and error, Transcool was able to find their niche in the industry. They are the sole distributor of the products that they represent; in addition, they also place their customers first by offering them a longer warranty period with no additional cost.

Transcool is a company that stands behind the idea of the reduction of carbon footprint. As such, they are planning to increase their import and sale of electric buses in the region. The company believes that global warming is a huge concern that cannot be neglected, as such; people must be more conscious of their carbon footprint, and find ways to reduce it. To this, Transcool believes that affordable and efficient full-electric vehicles would be a vital alternative for the public transport sector.

When asked about his proudest business achievements to date, Bob stated that he is extremely honored to be able to secure a long-term sole distributor rights agreement (in ASEAN) with the only Chinese electric-vehicle manufacturer with EU (European Union) certifications. Bob mentioned that this would bring them one step closer towards a higher visibility of the importance of sustainable energy in Singapore.

To Bob, the meaning of entrepreneurship is multi-faceted. He stated, “(Entrepreneurship) means many things – the sacrifice of personal time, provision of solutions for all the challenges. It also means staying persistent to my dream, having a strong sense of belief in myself and what I want to achieve”. Furthermore, he also cited anti-apartheid revolutionary, the late-Nelson Mandela, as his personal hero. He went on to elaborate that Nelson Mandela inspires him because of his undying belief and faith in the human race.

Sharing his values, Bob mentioned that a successful entrepreneur is an individual who is able to endure hardship in life. He said that the hours can be grueling and punishing, on top of that, one also cannot expect a steady income. Hence, Bob advocates that one shares his/her ideas with loved ones so that they can better understand and give pointers.

Transcool is clearly a hardworking company that seeks to provide their services while also being mindful of the environment at large. It is also this very mindfulness that has allowed them to be able to bring about customers’ satisfaction while still being principled in their mission to remain eco-friendly and conscientious of energy wastage. As such, it comes as little surprise that many now sing the praises of Transcool, and will continue to do so for many years to come.

Contact Details:
18 Sin Ming Lane #05-14 Midview City
T| 66844008
F| 66844068


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