Max Credit Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Johnson Peh

Living in a fast-paced metropolis like Singapore, it is not uncommon for people to fall behind on their finances. That is where Max Credit comes into the picture.

Founded in 2010, Max Credit aims to be a moneylending company that serves with compassion. The firm’s founder, Johnson Peh, mentioned that he views his job to be one that constantly seeks to help people in dire straits.

Johnson even recounted an incident when a low-income client approached him for a $100 loan. Out of compassion and the kindness of his heart, Johnson offered to approve the man’s loan and only asked for a $2 interest in return. This example illustrates that Max Credit is a company that does right by their creed to help people in need for financial assistance. This example helps to debunk usual stigmatization associated with the moneylending industry.

Johnson says that stigma about his industry is largely untrue. He mentioned that this is a problem that he needs to overcome with goodwill and sincerity. He went on to highlight that the job of a licensed moneylender is to ensure that profit is justified. This is to ensure that nobody is doing anything exploitative or unethical. In addition, customers who fall behind on their payment will only be issued with a written letter to inform them of their outstanding loan.

One of the ways in which Johnson tries to stand apart in the moneylending industry is to ensure that his shop space is furnished with bright lights. Johnson said, “This shows that we have nothing to hide at all”. This is to show that Max Credit is a moneylending firm that operates with integrity and honesty. In addition, Johnson also laid down the guiding principle of his firm, he said that, “one must always treat others as equals, and never judge others”.

When asked about the future, Johnson remains hopeful. He mentioned that moneylending companies cannot open more than one shop space due to government rulings. As such, he hopes to be able to provide his services to more people by expanding on his current shop space so that he can cater to a bigger crowd.

He went on to talk about the true meaning of entrepreneurship; he says that a good entrepreneur is someone who is always honest and principled. He said, “Don’t be greedy and don’t be a slave to money”.

A family man at heart, Johnson mentioned that his daily source of inspiration is his family. He stated that him working long hours in his job is to ensure that he can better provide for his family.

Talking at length about the traits of a successful entrepreneur, Johnson said that it is always important to be kind-hearted and courageous at the same time. He went on to explain that kind-heartedness is a virtue that everyone must possess, and that the use of courage is crucial for making important business decisions.

Giving advice to potential entrepreneurs, Johnson mentioned that it is extremely important to work hard at a craft. He says that an entrepreneur must be wise and prudent with investments and try not to over-invest in too many areas at once. This shows that an entrepreneur must always be focused in his/her vision of business. In addition, Johnson also urges all up and coming entrepreneurs to work hard, he said, “Come up with a good proposal, and if the proposal is good, people will support and sponsor you”.

Ultimately, Max Credit has shown that they are a moneylending company with heart and work ethics. It is also with these two traits that we can expect them to continue to prosper for the foreseeable future.

Contact Details:
1 Sophia Road #01-15
Peace Centre S(228149)
T| 6336 4144
F| 6337 7828


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