Xquisitew@rks Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Jordan Lim

Respect a man’s car and a man respects you. One can say a lot about a man from his car. A man’s car defines what kind of personality and characteristic he has. From the color, the shape of the car down to minutiae details such as items displayed on the dashboard. A car defines a man.

Xquisitew@rks is a company, which adds the finer details on your car to define the X-factor of your personality. It proffers services such as the customization of stickers and decals, to tasks such as servicing, repairing and modification of cars. Mr Jordan Lim, who decided to initiate the company out of passion in this field, initiates Xquisitew@rks in 2006. “The name Xquisitew@rks is actually inspired by a friend of mine.” Mr Lim explicated. Xquisitew@rks represents “Exquisite Works” in stylized form. Mr Lim started off as a freelancer on his own, customizing decals and stickers. In 2006, his hobby evolved into a career, Mr Lim also started importing car accessories for the vast market of car lovers.

“I am really passionate about the car accessory industry as it is my passion. I wanted to add more vibrancy to the cars of car lovers; to put an unique touch to their cars.” Mr Lim shed light on his motivation to initiate Xquisitew@rks. Despite facing financial difficulty during its start, Mr Lim was able to clear this impediment without any hitches. “Thankfully, I had additional financial backing, during the first few months of operation, much of the costs are covered by the income generated from my other businesses.” said Mr Lim, a multifarious entrepreneur who owns several businesses.

So what makes up for a successful entrepreneur like Mr Lim? “The car customization industry is a competitive trade. In order to be competent in this industry, you must be able to make yourself attractive to consumers.” Mr Lim adjourned for a moment. “One way of doing so is to set a lower price compared to your competitors. This way, you are then able to stay ahead of the competition. These days, consumers look for nothing but quality. Customers are willing to pay for quality. So give them what they want.” Mr Lim would personally micromanage to every minutiae of his business. He would personally superintend his staffs to assure his customers are receiving excellent customer service and workmanship as they patronize Xquisitew@rks.

“Another point to be made is honesty. Nobody likes a dishonest business. We make sure that customers are treated frankly and in a candid manner. We would not pull off unnecessary stops to clinch a deal. We do know it won’t work, so we do not bother trying.” Mr Lim, a discerning entrepreneur observed. Too much salt spoils the soup; Mr Lim would not encourage customers to modify their cars to an extreme extent. “Some customers find
me peculiar. They would ask: ‘Why not? I am generating revenue for you.’ However, entrepreneurship is not about making money, and it’s not an one-time thing. Entrepreneurship is a process of mutual trust and learning. That’s the way I see it.”

Such supremacy in the industry had helped Xquisitew@rks yield hordes of accolades for the company. Xquisitew@rks had been featured on motoring magazines such as Wheels, Rev and many others. They have also established a base of loyal customers who have patronized and supported Xquisitew@rks for a long time. “These achievements show that Xquisitew@rks really made it. Such success is only attainable by being able to provide high quality products and great customer service.” Mr Lim regarded.

Entrepreneurship often is an instance of a person realizing his passion into a trade. “Entrepreneurship is a process where you are able to bring your passion and interest into business and providing it for your customers, friends and family members.” Mr Lim interpreted. Without interest, one could find it hard to realize his dreams of being an entrepreneurship. “Alongside the support of my family, it’s my passion which drives me on despite the setbacks I faced.” Mr Lim added.

Success could only come into realization with diligence. “It’s all about working smart. Success is not going to happen if you do not work hard for it. So hard work is crucial to every entrepreneur. You need to be able to control your finances wisely, and not spend it on unnecessary things. Devote your finances on things that your company needs. As aforesaid, honesty plays a big role in business and always stay focus on what you want so that you would not give up.” Mr Lim gave his outlook to succeeding.

“Your interest is always a driving force. By being able to turn this ‘driving force’ into business will bring you to a greater height with no limit.” Mr Lim advocated. With such an adept leader at fore, a new workshop is already in the pipelines. “We are very excited about our new workshop as it would help extend what Xquisitew@rks does best; offering great quality products with excellent service, to a wider audience.” Mr Lim commented with delectation.

Contact Details:
184 Woodlands Industrial Park E5
#01-04 S(757514)
T| 6363 3505
E| jordanlmh@yahoo.com


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