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Name of Recipient:
Mr. Willy Liu

On the journey of life, it is important that one’s foundation has been established properly. Hence, it has been widely advised that a child’s education begins as early as possible, where educators are able to teach a child necessary skills that will prepare them for later in life. One centre, Life Journiz Pte Ltd, has offered just that for their clients, providing childcare and education to the young generation who will eventually shape Singapore’s future.

Established in September 2009 by Mr. Willy Liu, Life Journiz provides a range of Educare (education and care) for young children. This includes the infant Educare, playgroup Educare, nursery one and two Educare, as well as drop-off Educare programmes. Geared towards enhancing social, physical, intellectual, creative, and emotional development of the child, they are able to develop their competencies in a bilingual environment, which presents opportunities for their own personal exploration and positive interactions.

It all started a few years ago, when Mr. Liu’s wife became pregnant. As a modern working family, they thus began shopping around for potential childcare centres that they will place their child at. However, through their understanding of these centres, the couple soon realized that many of these centres were not what they had expected. Not only were many of these centres expensive, but their standards are not as well. Through communicating with other parents, they found out that they are facing the same problem.

This presented a dilemma for Mr. Liu. He said, “It has presented an opportunity for me to do something about it.” And do something he did.

After reflection, Mr. Liu thus established Life Journiz Pte Ltd. It was set up with his own philosophy, to benefit both parents as well as their children. “Whatever we do have to benefit all parties. For modern families, the rule is that, by providing them a peace of mind, we are able to help parents integrate back into working life after a new addition to the family.”

As Life Journiz began, so did Mr. Liu’s entrepreneurial journey, along with the challenges and difficulties that came with it. He said, “As we were new, there was the challenge of enrollment. On day one of our operations, there were no children at all. But I knew that it was part and parcel of being a new business.” In addition, Mr. Liu also had to alleviate the worries of parents. “For the parents, they do not really know what goes on during their children’s time here. We tried our best to help reduce their worries by increasing feedback about the classes and their children.”

To counter these challenges, Mr. Liu turned to books for advice. “Nobody starts learning by themselves, so for me, solutions were found through research reading.” He adds, “Through the books, I got a glimpse into many different perspectives, and I learnt from the experience of others. I also learnt aspects of human resource management, and marketing as well. Books are written by successful people, so it is definitely useful to pick up their tips and advice.”

Armed with new knowledge, Mr. Liu began the process of building up Life Journiz. “When we first started, we only offered the standard education for children. Then I realized that there were no differences between us and the other centres. So we overhauled these programs, gearing them toward personality and character building.

It worked. Having started from zero, Life Journiz is now at full capacity. “Three years ago, we were brand new, and people didn’t know who we were. But today, we have transformed standard childcare into something unique, a centre which people can place their trust in.”

With now a few years of experience under his belt, Mr. Liu looks back on his entrepreneurial journey. “It was an opportunity for me to improve the system, to improve the lives of people. It is a business, but at the same time, a chance to give back to society. It was important to reaffirm childcare, to emphasize that it should not be a predefined service, but that there’s a freedom for staff and teachers to make improvise and improve upon the current status.” He also added, “Childcare is very different from other jobs, the people involved have to deal with children on a regular basis, so they need to have a passion for children, they have to love them.

In addition, Mr. Liu also encourages aspiring entrepreneurs to be respectful towards everything they come towards. “Not just people, but giving respect to anything. Your energy affects others, and most definitely in business. For example in here, teachers respect the children, and the children respect the teachers. It’s mutual respect from all parties.”

An exciting future lies in wait for Life Journiz. “We are planning to get a new outlet, and ultimately I want to have a few outlets under our name. We also have some plans to expand overseas in countries like Malaysia and Indonesia, and as we have contacts in these countries already, the crucial thing would be the training of people.” He then further adds, “Most Singaporeans are working, so there will always be a demand for centres like us. By improving constantly, we can ensure a better development for children who spend so much time with us.”

With the compassion, expertise, and ambition Mr. Liu has, we are sure that he will lead Life Journiz into a greater future ahead, and to establish themselves as one of the best in their industry.

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48/49 Craig Road S(089687)
T| 9385 3298

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