Little Fellow Childcare

Name of Recipient:
Mr. John Goh

The importance of early childhood education cannot be overlooked; this is because it is of great importance to already inculcate children with knowledge and culture in their formative years. A child’s ability to master languages and acquire knowledge is established at a very young age, as such, a strong foundation is required.

Having a background in engineering, Little Fellow’s founder John Goh mentioned that he had to learn from scratch during the initial phase of opening up Little Fellow.

The journey of entrepreneurship is never smooth sailing, as John mentioned that he has had to acquire the knowledge of early childhood education on his own, as he has no formal learning in this area of expertise. He highlighted that he was under a lot of stress as he was not able to find a mentor to teach him the ways of the industry.

One of the ways in which Little Fellow manages to differentiate themselves from others is the fact that they offer classes for special needs children. Little Fellow offers classes to special children because they feel that every child deserves a good education, and for special children, they need the proper guidance in order for them to properly channel their inner potential. In addition, the center’s approach to education is also one that emphasizes on the joys of learning. By inculcating a joy towards learning, students will then be able to learn by their own will, rather than feel forced to study. This will eventually help to foster a family environment within the centre and children will thus grow up in a nurturing and loving environment.

Little Fellow hopes to expand on its curriculum in the near future. In particular, John hopes to expand on their moral education syllabus, as he believes that it is vital that a child learns civic mindedness and discipline from a young age.

The centre is also extremely proud of the fact that they have been able to successfully integrate children with special needs into their system. Little Fellow is proud that they have been able to provide a caring and conducive environment for these children, as they believe that all children can succeed when given the opportunity.

John says that he has learned a great deal about parenting at his job, as he can see the effort and dedication of each parent, as parents will do their best to provide for their children.

When asked about the meaning of entrepreneurship, he said, “I get to live out my passion when I see students grow up well”. He went on to say that being an entrepreneur in the early childhood line has taught him that education for a child is a serious matter that cannot be taken lightly. This is because children are the future, and they need to be brought up with good morals and sensibility.

The origin of the centre’s name comes from John’s desire to teach children the joys of enjoying the fellowship of other people. This stems from John’s belief that face-to-face interaction and companionship are things that will make people’s lives more fulfilled and whole.

When asked about the quality that all successful entrepreneurs must have, John says that one must always possess creativity, compassion, and good communication skills. Only with a combination of all these skills can a person hope to become successful in business, John said, “In the 21st century, you’ve got to be creative, have the ability to invent something new to suit your customers”.

Ultimately, what can be said about Little Fellow is their undying passion to provide a good education for children from all walks of life. Moreover, with John’s story of achieving success from scratch, it goes to show that Little Fellow is not simply a company with dreams; they also possess practical knowledge to make their dreams come to fruition. Evidently, their formula will more than ensure them more success in the coming years.

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55 Telok Kurau Rd #03-57/59
Bright Centre S(425500)
T| 6440 2945
F| 6440 4778


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