Visual Publish Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Anson Loh

Positive things happen to positive people. Anything is possible if you have got enough nerve. For Visual Publish and its leader Mr Anson Loh, success was onerous to achieve, however, through the course of entrepreneurship, they soon began to learn that success is easily procured with a positive attitude, commitment, and perpetual persistence.

Initiated in 2009, Visual Publish Pte Ltd was formerly registered as Visual Publisher when it was serving as a sole proprietor. “We provide comprehensive commercial painting and printing services, such as name cards, letter heads, invoices and brochures.” Mr Loh explained. Mr Loh’s desire in the printing industry started when he was working in the aforementioned trade for a biennium. Mr Loh reminisced: “My passion grew from there, and I began taking courses at Lasalle, College of the Arts, and was trained as a graphic designer.” Mr Loh also took up a vocation in an advertising firm to acquire vital experience to help him upstart his company.

The initiation of Visual Publish was a despondent one. As Mr Loh mulled over, “Most of my clients have a negative first impression on me, as they deemed me too young.” Nevertheless, Mr Loh was staunched to make a change, and revolutionize his debilitating business. The bereft of experience made Mr Loh aghast at first, “I thought I knew everything, but the fact is, I knew nothing.” Mr Loh went on reveal further problems plaguing the company’s progress: “We also encountered many customers with financial difficulties, this caused a financial distress for us.”

These impediments had beset Visual Publish much in terms of operation. Mr Loh began assiduously tackling these problems methodically. “I began learning the ropes, from the society, on running the business well. We also accepted any job that comes our way, we also sought for people’s advice, and try to understand their wants and needs.” Mr Loh disclosed the measures Visual Publish taken in the course of decimating its setbacks. Thankfully, Mr Loh’s and his team’s efforts were not in vain, these problems were soon resolved, and Visual Publish is on the right track to success.

With its adept team of 8 at fore, Visual Publish is able to proffer superlative quality at competitive prices, making itself a more attractive selection among its competitors. Mr Loh, a humble leader, chose to apportion the credit to his team: “I can only say that our sales department are all very professional and sincere to our clients. They are often the people to impose the first impression on our customers. Our success can only be credited to the team.”

Mr Loh was exceptionally modest when elucidating upon Visual Publish’s past achievements, stating: “I am not really proud of anything. I am just glad that we lasted for so long with consistent, minor expansions every year. I considered ourselves fortunate.” Mr Loh does not expect much out of entrepreneurship as well, “For me, entrepreneurship is just a mean to express my passion as a career. It also allowed me to use this chance to serve the public.” Mr Loh said meaningfully.

Mr Loh also divulged his motivation and inspiration behind what he does: “My clients, friends, and most importantly, my team. These people had put high hopes on me, I couldn’t bear to let them down.” One can see Mr Loh’s commitment and hard work he dedicates for Visual Publish to achieve success. Mr Loh also gave a piece of advice for budding entrepreneurs: “Hard work is important, do not expect to succeed overnight.”

Visual Publish do not wish to just stop here. Its leader and team yearns to bring the company to newer heights, as Mr Loh disclosed the company’s expansion plans: “In fact, next year, we will set up an expansion, a retail branch. We will also most likely initiate a digital printing company as well.”

Getting a business copacetic is a tall order. It is certainly a phenomenon for Mr Loh to be able to bring Visual Publish to success, with its despairing start. Young entrepreneurs for his humbleness, commitment, and persistence should revere Mr Loh. Visual Publish amazing feat shall be indelible in the entrepreneurial world.

Contact Details:
1160 Depot Road #02-11/12
Telok Blangah Ind Estate S(109674)
T| 6273 2590
F| 6273 8629

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