Seven Star Transport Services

Name of Recipient:
Mr. William Soh

With people having to commute to different places everyday, it is only justified that there is a reliable bus service that people can trust, and Seven Star Transport is that very company.

Today, Seven Star is a company that can proudly state that they have provided commuters with top-notch services. Their bus services cater to students and workers alike. In addition, due to their services, they even provide services to foreign diplomats on a couple of occasions.

When asked about the initial decision to venture into business, founder William Soh explained that he has about thirty years of experience in this line of work. To Mr Soh, his experience in this line of work is something that has taught him many useful tips in how to run the business, as such, when he felt that the time was right, he bravely decided to open up his own company.

However, opening up a business of his own offers Mr Soh even more learning opportunity. He said, “I learned to care about all my employees, and I learned from them”. It is more than apparent that Mr Soh is a firm believer in lifelong learning, and sees every chapter of his life as an opportunity to grow. Mr Soh even went on the record to say that a company is nothing without good employees.

Seven Star Transport faced a rocky start when they first went into operations. Due to them being newcomers at the time, they had some difficulties maintaining a solid customer base, this in turn caused them to face some financial difficulties. This was particularly tough for Mr Soh as he needed to have some financial capabilities to take care of his family. He had to implement door-to-door sales practice to raise brand awareness for the company. Needless to say, the initial stages of his business were extremely tough on Mr Soh and his loved ones.

Despite the seemingly insurmountable difficulties, Seven Star Transport managed to emerge victorious. This is mainly because the company is imbued with the spirit of perseverance. It is only by setting down a clear intention to persevere through tough times that one is able to find success. Through much hard work and grit, Seven Star Transport managed to pull through and saw more customers requesting for their services.

Seven Star Transport easily stands apart in their industry, as the company is highly concerned for their staff’s welfare. For example, employees can all enjoy further training and upgrading courses to improve on their skills. In addition, they are also given opportunities to further their studies. Mr Soh says that this is his way of expressing gratitude to his staff.

The company is also planning to expand its operations, as they are looking to purchase a new space so that they are able to maintain the fleet of buses on their own. This measure will no doubt allow Seven Star Transport to enhance on their already reliable services.

Evidently very proud of his employees, Mr Soh mentioned that he is always extremely pleased to see many of his employees grow up and mature before his watch. He says that one must always treat others with great care and sincerity, as it is much better for people to live and work in an environment of care and warmth.

Mr Soh also gave his take on the meaning of entrepreneurship, and he says that one must always be grateful for the things around. He said, “You must treasure all your opportunities and be grateful for them”. He added that it is a rare privilege for one to be one’s own boss, as such; one must always remember to be thankful for the things in life and never take things for granted.

Giving advice to up-and-coming entrepreneurs, Mr Soh says that a boss must always be able to look out for their employees’ wellbeing. This is because a workplace must always function as a team and work cohesively in order to attain success. In addition, a good business is one that is able to adapt to the times and constantly meet the demands of its clients. This will not only show that the company is credible but that the company truly cares for their customers.

Seven Star Transport is a company that has risen from the ashes to assume its rightful place in their industry thanks to grit, knowledge, and perseverance. These three traits will also be integral to their success for many more years to come.

Contact Details:
249 Bangkit Road #04-332
T| 6894 4838

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