Juzz for Cars Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Amos Mok

The quality and class of continental cars cannot be denied; these cars are also something that all car-lovers fantasize about. However, after buying that dream car, one must also think about its upkeep and maintenance. That is where Juzz for Cars steps in.

Juzz for Cars is an automobile company that specializes in repair and servicing works for continental cars, such as BMWs, Minis, and Porsches. It should be added that by specializing on continental cars, the team at Juzz for Cars are highly knowledgeable about the different specifications of each car. Clearly, what can be said is that Juzz for Cars is a company that is able to cater to their customers’ needs because of their vast knowledge on the subject matter.

The company’s general manager, Amos Mok, mentions that automobiles have always fascinated him since he was a young boy. It is solely because of passion that he went into the line of repair and the sale of cars. Moreover, he also says that he enjoys being hands-on and worked long hours to perfect his craft so that he can fully meet all his customers’ expectations.

Clearly, what can be said about Juzz for Cars is that it is a company created by a car lover for car lovers. In addition to himself being skilled in the technical and theoretical aspects of the business, Juzz for Cars also comprise of a highly talent team in this area of specialization.

While highly talented, the company is still susceptible to the trials and tribulations of the business world. For example, Juzz for Cars only had four staff members when they first started out. Furthermore, the company also struggle with brand awareness, as customers were unfamiliar with Juzz for Cars due to them being newcomers in the business.

Rather than allow the challenge to weigh them down, everyone at Juzz for Cars made use of their talents and persevered till they saw a glimmer of success. Though consisting of a small staff, it should be highlighted that each individual member is highly skilled and knowledgeable in the area of automobiles. As such, they are able to impress customers with their technical know-how and services. This eventually led to positive reviews and word-of-mouth referrals for the company, and with that business picked up. This shows that the quality and the ability to deliver their promises are the major selling point of Juzz for Cars.

When asked about the major source of differentiation between Juzz for Cars and other auto shops in the company, Amos said that the difference lies in the fact they Juzz for Cars is not merely a business, it is a passion. He said, “we infuse passion with work, and not many people get to do that”. Clearly, this also shows that the company also treasures the opportunity to be able to live out their dreams by providing quality services to their customers. They understand that the ability to be financially rewarded for their passion is a privilege awarded to only a handful.

Juzz for Cars is very proud of the fact that they have been slowly expanding their business over the years. Despite their success, Amos says that he is humbled by the experience, as he is able to realize his boyhood dream. He also mentioned that one must also be more responsible with every progress, as more work and dedication is required.

Amos says that the essence of entrepreneurship lies in the heart of the service. More specifically, he says, “sincerity and honesty”. Amos elaborated that one must always be sincere in offering services; this is because a good service can never be derived from seeing everything as a financial transaction. A good service can only come when a person is able to work with devotion and sincerity.

Giving sound advice to potential entrepreneurs, Amos says that one must always have knowledge of the industry at his/her fingertips, that way; a company will not falter when a new situation crops up. In addition, he also talked about the importance of employer to employee relationships, and says that a company’s owner must always have a bond with his/her workers, as this will help foster a team spirit that will enable people to be united as one.

Ultimately, Juzz for Cars fully deserve the success and accolades they currently possess as they have brought the automobile repair and service industry to a whole new level with their unbridled passion, devotion, and dedication.

Contact Details:
176 Sin Ming Drive
#03-13/15/16 S(575721)
T| 6736 0303
F| 6452 2530
E| enquiries@juzzforcars.com


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