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Name of Recipient:
Ms. Jess Cheng

It is everybody’s dream to own a space that is truly their own. Be it in a commercial or residential space, people have been clamoring for their ideal space for a very long time. However, only a few talented firms are able to convert people’s dreams into reality, and one of these firms happen to be SanHaus Design.

Established in 2010, SanHaus Design have pledged to utilize their fullest potential to create a dreamscape for their customers. It is with this particular goal in mind that SanHaus ventured forth into the world of interior design. It is evident that the company is one that emphasizes on the importance of quality rather than mere talk or marketing.

Having had experience in the industry for sixteen years, it was only a natural progression for the owner to set up her own company to help realize the goal of implementing her own philosophy and vision. That being said, it must also be highlighted that the owner is not a mere novice in the game, but an experienced individual who is confident and brave enough to set up her own firm.

Despite her vast experience, the initial stages of the company were filled with trials and tribulations. The company had great difficulties in finding a solid customer base in the early days. The main contributing factor to that is because the company was new at the time, and customers were rather unsure about the services offered. Moreover, it is also due to their small customer base that the company had some financial difficulties. However, everyone at SanHaus Design worked as a team, deciding to let their work do the talking, and eventually their approach paid off, as more customers started seeking their services due to positive reviews. It was not long before SanHaus Design saw a solid and loyal customer base that would swear by their services.

With a solid foundation clearly built, SanHaus Design ventured forth into the overseas market. The company’s director, Jess Cheng mentions that they do take on overseas projects, particularly, those in China. She also says that it is through the company’s operations in the overseas market that they notice that the company needs to adapt to the different cultural environment. She is well aware that adaptability is an essential tool for any businessperson. Jess went on to elaborate that it is due to a difference in cultural consciousness that people from different places acquire different tastes for aesthetics. Clearly, it can be said that those at SanHaus Design are astute observers of cultures and trends.

When asked about the true meaning of entrepreneurship, Jess mentions that it is the ability to take on the new challenge the minute one decides to go forth into the volatile landscape of business. She says that everyone at SanHaus Design are fully aware that they have to take each new day as another challenge, and that it is the responsibility of each individual to conquer those challenges. Evidently, the role of the entrepreneur is one that is multi-faceted, as he/she must always be alert and sharp at all times.

Furthermore, a truly successful entrepreneur must be trustworthy and hardworking. Jess added that trust is something that all customers look for in a company, as this gives customers the ability to feel assured that their expectations will be met. In order to build trust, one must be willing to toil and work hard to perfect one’s craft, as it is only by perfecting one’s craft that good services can be delivered.

Giving advice to potential entrepreneurs, Jess says that they must “build relationships between employer and employees”. This is because a good company is one that transcends the worker-employer hierarchy, as it resembles more of a family. It is only by working as a family unit that a company can hope to achieve success. Additionally, a successful entrepreneur cannot afford to rest of his/her laurels, as being a keen student of the trends in the market is essential in maintaining a company.

Ultimately, it is with the union of hard work, relationships, and craft, that has allowed SanHaus Design to make a name for themselves in the interior designing industry. More importantly, it is also with these perennial traits that will ensure their success for many more years in the future.

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