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Name of Recipient:
Mr. Eric Sng

The ability to create a landscape out of an empty space is a gift that only a handful will possess. It is also this very gift that has given us the beauties and comforts of our own homes. However, what we must never neglect is the fact that a team of talented interior designers is responsible for the good use of space through detailed planning and design, and New Interior Design happens to be home to some of the finest interior designers in the country.

Founded in 2011, New Interior Design offers their interior design services to residential and commercial clients. One needs to look only at their portfolio to know what the company is capable of. New Interior Design is most interested in using their skills and expertise in designing a space that their customers can call home. It is more than apparent that New Interior Design acts as a medium for their customers to realize their dreams into reality.

The company’s managing director, Eric Sng, said that the reason for him wanting to start is own business was because he wanted to have the ability to implement his own philosophy into his work. It is with that in mind that he decided to make the leap into entrepreneurship.

However, as with everything, the beginning of the journey will always be the toughest. Firstly, the company had some difficulties in finding a bigger customer base. This may be because the company was relatively new at the time and customers were unsure about their services. Secondly, Eric also had to be in charge of training up his new team at the company.

New Interior Design manages to pull through and achieve success despite the difficulties. This is because the company strived to deliver their promises to their customers every time they take on a project. This in turn helped to build up New Interior Design’s brand awareness as more people started to request for their services due to positive reviews and word-of-mouth referrals. As for the task of training up a new team, Eric mentions that a mentor must always try to impart every single drop of knowledge to others. It is only by allowing others to be as knowledgeable as the mentor, that a team can produce amazing results.

Evidently, the company emphasizes on the importance of teamwork as a way towards success and achievement. This may be one of the many ways that New Interior Design stands out in this industry. In addition, the company also talked about the importance of putting their customers first. Eric mentions that one must treat customers with sincerity rather than treat this aspect of the service as a mere transaction. As such, it is not uncommon for customers to become friends with people in New Interior Design.

The company is currently thinking of expanding their operations to try to take on more private housing projects in the near future. However, Eric is a prudent businessperson who is careful to not overstrain himself and his manpower.
Some of the proudest business achievements to date include the opportunity to provide services for bigger customers. However, it is not mainly about the money for Eric. He suggested that the ability to take on bigger projects would allow the team at New Interior Design to test their skills and push themselves to the limit. He also highlighted that it is only by taking on bigger projects that people can improve in this line of work

Eric went on to talk about his constant source of motivation, and said that he believes that a person can draw inspiration from every different aspects of life because the world has so much to offer. He says that it is also very important that a person practices self-motivation; it is only through self-motivation that a person is able to constantly ignite the fire within oneself to consistently practice their craft.

Eric mentions that an aspiring entrepreneur is someone who is constantly able to meet the high expectations of not only the customers, but also that of himself/herself. Moreover, a successful entrepreneur must also be an individual who is consistent in producing good results and must have the knowledge of the business at his/her fingertips.

Ultimately, New Interior Design’s success is not a mere accident, as they have managed to use their skills and hard work to create something that they can truly be proud of. It is most certain that the company will continue their journey to bigger and better things in future.

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111 Woodlands Street 13
#01-88 S(730111)
T| 6366 7478
F| 6366 7472


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