WaWe Design

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Toh Wee Kuang

It is all too common that people’s image of their dream home turns out the exact opposite. It is also more than common that interior design firms are unable to ascertain the demands of their customers and fall short of expectations. This is where WAWE, short for, What you Actually see is What you Expect to get, steps in.

WAWE is an interior design firm that seeks to offer their services with dedication and honesty. The company offers their interior design services to residential and commercial clients alike.

What is most interesting is how customer-centric the company is. For example, owner, Toh Wee Kuang mentions that he offers his services to people from all walks of life. This means that WAWE is able to customize their services to suit every single budget in mind. This is one of the more unique features of WAWE, as they do not offer any package prices, but rather, they price their services according to their client’s budget.

Mr Toh says that his journey into the world of entrepreneurship has not always been without hardship. The company went through a period of trial and error in the beginning stages. Mr Toh said that this is due to the fact that he was inexperienced in this field, as his background was in computing. As such, Mr Toh had to learn from the scratch and slowly acquire the skills necessary for the interior designing industry. Clearly, what is exhibited by Mr Toh is that it is never too old and never too late, to start from scratch once again.

It is only by working hard and taking notes one step at a time that WAWE is able to achieve a level of success in the industry. To this, Mr Toh said, “(I had to) try as much as possible”, this is because he firmly believes in the idea that practice makes perfect, and clearly, with the amount of positive reviews generated from WAWE’s services, he has succeed in achieving a level of perfection in his craft.

Furthermore, Mr Toh also said that he experienced a significant dip in income upon entering the interior design industry. This is largely due to the fact that the company had yet to build up a solid customer base. Despite the difficulties, WAWE still became a success largely because of them having a hardworking and dedicated team.

WAWE is a company that has a firm belief in the hands-on experience. It is this very reason that has led them to create their own showroom to allow customers to see the very products that they will get if they were to enlist the help of WAWE.

There are many ways in which WAWE can differentiate themselves from their direct competitors. Firstly, the owner himself is one of the designers of the firm. Secondly, their services are all personalized, and the clients will get designs that are tailored made to their expectations. Lastly, the company is unique in that they utilize 3D drawings to illustrate their design in a more realistic way for their customers.

A perfectionist at heart, Mr Toh says that he would most rather have solid foundations than expand his operations. He says, “I would prefer to let nature run its course, (but) I prefer to have less”. Evidently, what is clear about WAWE is the idea of “less is more”; the desire to have “less” is so that they are more able to focus on the projects they have at hand in order to perfect them.

When asked about his proudest business achievements to date, Mr Toh says that he prefers the approval and positive reviews from his customers to any award. He went on to elaborate that he derives a great sense of job satisfaction when he sees smiles on the faces of his customers.

Questioned about the essence of entrepreneurship, Mr Toh said, “You put in the hard work and you will see the rewards”. Simple words of wisdom, but this is something that has eluded many, as people tend to prefer taking short cuts rather than doing good honest work. WAWE chooses to focus solely on the quality of their work and deliver their promises to customers.

Ultimately, it is by working as hard as possible that WAWE manages to achieve mastery in their work. It is also this very simple, yet difficult trait that has given WAWE success, and it is also this very trait that will guarantee their success for many years to come.

Contact Details:
50 Serangoon North Ave 4 First Centre #05-15
T| 6659 9831
F| 6659 8931
E| weekuang@wawedesign.com.sg

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