Credit Assist Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Ms. Tan Hui Hui

Credit Assist is a licensed moneylender that provides personal loans, business loans and short term/payday loans. The loans given out are to help out individuals to tide over their pressing financial needs.

According to the company’s founder, Ms Tan, she started the business with an element of social enterprise in mind. To her, the ability to start her own business offers her a golden opportunity to better provide for her family’s welfare. In addition, it is also her sincere hope that Credit Assist will be able to help out a specific portion of the population in society and enable them to avoid severe financial embarrassment.

Her brother, who used to work in the banking sector, is currently helping out in the company. With his brother acting as advisor, it is clear that Credit Assist possesses much experience in the world of moneylending.

Due to the friendly culture at Credit Assist, many customers who came in via walk-in actually stayed on way after their appointments to chitchat with the credit consultants for hours. Furthermore, many of the company’s customers eventually became friends with the staff at Credit Assist. The team at Credit Assist was even invited to some of their weddings, house warming parties and baby’s full-month celebrations.

When asked to name some of the challenges faced by the company, Ms Tan talked about the difficulties she had with cash flow management and company policies. She talked about the fact that she had to learn to organize and set all the company’s cash outlay within the company’s limit. In addition, she talked about how she refused to follow industry norms and paradigm because she believes in reinventing the wheel.

Ms Tan talked about her company’s distinct stance in the moneylending industry, and said, “We do not believe in profit maximizing as this was never the intention when we started this company”. She went on to say that everyone at Credit Assist make it a point to listen and understand their customers and will aim to provide the most suitable solutions for them.

When asked about plans for the future, Ms Tan said that she hopes that the company will be able to increase its customer base and to further foster a stronger relationship with their existing customers.

Truly a moneylending company with a heart, Credit Assist is a company that customers see as their second home. For example, it is not uncommon for customers to come over to their office and thank the staff for helping them through some tough times. In addition, many customers also send their well wishes and cookies to them during the Lunar New Year period. Ms Tan recounted all these events with great joy, and she went on to reiterate that all these seemingly small tokens of appreciation really stand as testament to the company’s unwavering support and dedication to their work.

To Ms Tan, the main source of inspiration and motivation is her family. She stated that the reason behind her working so hard at work is so that she can make a reasonable living for her family. Being a socially responsible businessperson, she also highlighted that she hopes her work will be able to bring about progress in society.

The origin behind the company’s name is also talked about, as the company wishes to help those in dire straits and assist them as best as possible. As such, the name “Credit Assist” will truly reflect this business direction and ethos.

Ms Tan also shed light on the necessary qualities required in every single successful businessperson. She said, a successful businessperson “must be patient and not rush into things without proper planning”. On top of that she espoused five important virtue, which are, “Perseverance, resilience, self-discipline, ethics, and social responsibility”. On a parting note, Ms Tan said, “(one must) start small but dream big, and always have a three year business plan, and just go for it”.

Clearly, the importance of social responsibility in an organization is not overlooked at Credit Assist, and on top of that, it is the company’s insistence on customer satisfaction that have allowed them to become a model of success that we see today.

Contact Details:
101 Upper Cross Street #01-15
People’s Park Centre S(058357)
T| 6567 8869
F| 6567 8781

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