Collin’s Movers Pte Ltd

Names of Recipients:
Mr. Darshan Singh
Mr. Ju Kai Meng
Mr. Poon Foo Wah

For those who wish to establish a new residence, they often hire moving services to relocate their treasured belongings. Having been in operation for about thirty years, Collin’s Movers have been providing quality moving and relocation services for many satisfied customers.

Over the years, Collin’s Movers have provided both families and organizations with reliable moving and relocating services. Their clients come from a wide variety of backgrounds; there are expats and locals both from condos and landed houses. They also provide international door-to-door moving services, storage services, risk advisory services, and even value added services that augment their current services. Their reputation as a reliable service provider has ensured that they have stayed as a major force in the industry today.

Initially started as small transport company with only one truck and a small warehouse, Collin’s Movers has grown with strength to 12 trucks and 100,000 sq feet warehouse.

The founders remembered their humble beginnings of the company when they did not own any computers. They explained, “Things were not as structured and organized back then, because we could only rely on pen and paper.” This trained the founders to be more attentive to details because they did not have computers to refer to. In addition, the founders also mentioned that they took a more hands-on approach during the early days, as their duties ranged from truck driving to administrative work. This experience also allowed Mr. Poon to understand the job requirements of other roles within the company, and he learnt the rules of the trade from the ground up.

When asked about the measures he took in overcoming the challenges, Mr. Singh said that he took things “step by step” in a gradual and methodical manner. It is with determination that the business started to progress and prosper. Moreover, he mentioned that patience and persistence are great virtues to possess, because it took the business ten years before success came knocking at the door.

Mr. Singh also said, “Right now, I am still active in the day-to-day operations of the business because I believe in being personally involved. Our company offers good services because we own our own warehouse, trucks and team. Instead of choosing to rely on others for help, Collin’s Movers is solely responsible for all of its services.”

“Never be afraid to get your hands dirty” was what Mr. Poon mentioned when asked about the true meaning of entrepreneurship. He mentioned that many from the younger generations are unwilling to work long hours, travel long journeys to and fro for work and start from scratch. These factors, according to
Mr. Poon are major hurdles that people need to overcome in order to become successful.

For the founders, their main motivation lies in the people that they serve on a daily basis – their customers. The founders all agree that not only do they enjoy
meeting people in their line of work, but, they always take it upon themselves to try to leave their customers with good and lasting impressions. Through these interactions, the founders have made many lifelong relationships that have lasted till this day.

In their opinion, a person “has to keep on moving and always be hungry to achieve more”. This will serve as a great fuel for anyone desiring to become successful in business. In addition, the added ability to think out of the box is also an important trade in the area of entrepreneurship, as a successful business must always be able to adapt to different situations in order to stay relevant.

“Keep your head down”, is the most straightforward advice that the three founders would give to potential entrepreneurs. No matter what, they advice that all young people continue to work hard, because in the world of business, one must be prepared to sacrifice a lot of personal time, and this also includes quality time with family. “Ultimately, the fruit of success will only be rewarded to the most diligent and determined individual.”

With the combined expertise, experience, and commitment of the three founders, Collin’s Movers will no doubt, in the coming years, usher in their brightest period.

Contact Details:
22 Jurong Port Road S(619114)
T| 6873 9595
F| 6774 4156

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