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Name of Recipient:
Mr. Anthony Chin

Computers these days seems to be integral to human life. As technology advances every single day, machines are getting smaller, faster and more efficient as we speak. As we transcend beyond the second millennium into the third, appearances of computers in household seems to be customary. This is not a surprise, when one contemplates about the capabilities of computers, it engenders himself to yearn for it. The internet stratosphere is metamorphosing every day as well, proffering infinite information to anyone who have access to it.

Computers are magnificent tools for the realization of our dreams and expectations too. For Mr Anthony Chin, computers are a part of his life, it’s an entrepreneurship. As computers begins to become commonplace in this era, maintenance and evolution of computers seems to hit a plateau. Veriflex Technologies; alluding to the company’s flexibility, is a company which strives to push beyond this boundary, providing supreme maintenance services on IT equipments and software support. As being green these days is perceived as being cool, Veriflex Technologies also contends to design and implement greener products for customers. Said Mr Chin, the brainchild behind Veriflex Technologies: “It started as a hobby which later became a passion to start up the business. To continue to find new gadgets and solutions to customers’ problem.” upon his rationale on initiating Veriflex Technologies.

In 2005, Mr Chin’s passion for technology turned into an entrepreneurship as the commencement of Veriflex Technologies transpired. “I have been in love with new IT gadgets and wanted to try and explore new and better tools in solving software and hardware problems. put it simply, i wanted to break new grounds.” an enterprising Mr Chin stated. “Before i came out from my last employment, one of my customer told me that if i ever wanted to run a business on my own, he will transfer the entire contract from my last employer and let me continue servicing his company personally. I was very touched that my customer entrust me so much. Soon, my past customers from my last employment came over to patronize my company.” Mr Chin cogitated. This citation shows that Mr Chin is no ordinary entrepreneur. This element shall thrive Veriflex Technologies to the top in years to come.

“Everything was new to me then.” Mr Chin regarded on his inaugural involvement in entrepreneurship. “Ordering of equipments from distributors, money issues, office location and also transportation. Running a business seems to be so foreign to me. I also had to learn how to manage my own people, take care of their welfare and also building repo with customers.” With a ceaseless attitude in learning, Mr Chin soon got over this hitch with no fiascos. Mr Chin expounded: “By breaking problems down to different layer and solve it one at a time. Finding the right partners to work with, banks to listens to my needs also contributes quite a fair bit.”

What distinguished Veriflex Technologies from the others is the comprehensive services it offers. As Mr Chin put into words: “Most competitors only focus on a specific product while we offer more than one option. We would personally test all of the products and compile the test results. We would then let our customer compare and scrutinize the results to give a better perspective on what we believe would be the ultimate solution for them.” Mr Chin also added: “We would also test out our devices before putting them on sale as we want to be certain that we are comfortable on what we are selling to our customers. We appreciate customer satisfaction above the money factor.”

With such a high caliber in their services, Veriflex Technologies is an esteemed name in the industry. “When we managed to get a deal from the banking sectors to order a huge number of hardwares, we were sure to get more such opportunities because we have a good reference point to show to other customers.” Mr Chin announced with fulfillment. With such a high threshold being Veriflex Technologies’ yardstick, its name is expected to be propagated from the words of mouth internationally. Soon enough, Veriflex Technologies began to receive calls from trading industries from countries which spans as far to United Kingdom and United States of America. “These companies wanted our help to setup their businesses here locally and setup their IT equipments and link them internationally. We are certainly proud of these achievements.” Mr Chin added with elation.

“Entrepreneurship to me, is breaking new grounds. Being able to bring my hobby and passion to derive at such a high accomplishment, i am certainly very happy.” Mr Chin reflected his thoughts on entrepreneurship. “To me, anybody could be a teacher. By communicating with these ‘teachers’, we learnt from them how to manage and run the company well. We know what are their expectations and we do our very best to present the results to them.” Mr Chin enunciated in regards to his spur. “Personally, i also do have a mentor, he’s a maths teacher and he taught me skills that helped me sustain in this competitive industry to fulfill what i accomplished today.”

So what qualities must a successful entrepreneur possess? Mr Chin replied forthwith: “Success occurs when you attain the goals that you set as an entrepreneur. In order to obtain success, i believe that you must have good foresight, and plan early. Follow your instincts and do what you want to do. If you think it’s right to do, go for it, it’s alright to fail.” Mr Chin then espoused: “Think something out of the box. Something that benefits the society and your business.” Mr Chin paused for a moment. “The purpose of an entrepreneurship is to make a difference. To make a difference is to create something new.”

“The next 5 years, we want to focus on contributing to the society by making the environment greener and more power efficient by choosing the right product for specific projects to prevent the waste of resources, with being eco-friendly in mind. Next, we are incorporating renovation works with IT infrastructure so that it would cut down the time and vendors to complete a project.” Mr Chin divulged Veriflex Technologies’ plans of expansion. “We intend to have a bigger manpower in order to handle publicity and sales. Hopefully, this would help in maintaining project timelines and hence, result in a more efficient company.” These objectives shall give an enthralling, new definition to technology.

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67 Ubi Crescent #05-08
Techniques Centre S(408560)
T| 6893 2205
F| 6836 7468

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