Cosmos Power (S) Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Alfred Chan

Since 1993, Cosmos Power has been a distributor and Value-Added Reseller (VAR) of Astec Standard Products in the South East Asian region. Their services also include taking charge of the assembly, testing, packing, and shipping, of finished products.

Alfred’s foray into the world of business is not exactly without obstacles. He candidly said that the decision to start up his own company directly impacted his family’s standard of living. For example, he recalled an incident where he was scrimping and saving even fifty cents. A grateful student of life at the core, Alfred says that the experience of those tough times actually acts as a great source of education in his life. In addition, the experience also taught him the importance of perseverance, and it is through this unrelenting drive for success that Alfred is able to overcome his obstacles and move towards the road of success.

Cosmos Power is able to amass enough capital after three full years of hard work. It is only after three years, that thing started looking up for the company.

Cosmos Power is truly a pioneer, as they occupy a place in this niche market. It is because they operate in the niche market; therefore, it is of utmost importance that they maintain a high standard of service. It is only with consistent and quality service, that customers are able to trust Cosmos Power. In addition, the staff at Cosmos Power is also highly experienced and skilled in handling different situations on a daily basis. Alfred proudly stated that Cosmos Power’s major source of differentiation lies in the fact that they assure faster assembly and delivery to all its clients. This enables the company’s reputation to be enhanced because they prove their worth through standard and quality.

Alfred is hopeful about the future, as he candidly mentions that industries in Singapore are still slowly moving from low to high tech. As such, Alfred remains quietly confident that there is still much more untapped opportunities available in this industry.

When asked about his proudest business achievements, Alfred says that he feels blessed anytime he is rewarded for his hard work and expertise. Alfred said that he became known as the “Power Supply King” while working in the industry, and he is happy that his fame comes from his ability to deliver top-notch services to clients. Clearly, Alfred is most definitely not out for the fame and reputation, rather, his fame and reputation is a by-product of his unrivalled professionalism and strive for excellence.

Cosmos Power is clearly a company that hopes to impress through actual efficiency rather than gimmicks. Alfred said, “you must have a good attitude”, and he went on to elaborate that the world of business is highly volatile; therefore, it is extremely important for an individual to have a good attitude – one that is open to new knowledge and change. It is through the ethos of the constant learner that Cosmos Power is able to adapt to different environments and times.

When asked about the true meaning of entrepreneurship, Alfred said, “There is never an easy solution to a problem. Look at all options and be assured that whatever course of action one takes, one has to see it through”. Evidently, this reflects the ability of possessing sound decisions, something prized by everyone at Cosmos Power.

Alfred hopes to see more young people take on the challenge of entrepreneurship. He mentions that courage is a very important trait for anyone even thinking of making the plunge into entrepreneurship. In addition, he also says that people tend to brood after a major setback, rather than take the major setback as something detrimental, one can choose to see the setback as a lesson for personal growth. It is only through self-improvement and personal growth that a person is able to make full use of opportunities in life.

Evidently, Cosmos Power is a company that chooses to let their services speak for themselves. On top of that, their “never-say-die” attitude is something that speaks volumes about the company’s ethos. It is also with these very qualities that Cosmos Power is the success it is today.

Contact Details:
629 Aljunied Road #04-08
Cititech Industrial Building S(389838)
T| 6743 9178
F| 6743 3976


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