Dream Vision Designer Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Samuel Lim

Think about the ability to come back after work, sit on your favorite couch, with a cup of tea in hand, and just admiring the custom-made house designed just for you. As we can all acknowledge, the luxury of coming back to a house tailor-made for you is one that is rather difficult to come by, thankfully for many of us, Dreamvision Designer is at hand to salvage the situation.

Opening it doors in 2006, Dreamvision Designer is a company that specializes in design and build projects for residential and commercial clients. A look at their online portfolio will give you a rough idea of what the company is capable of. The able designers are able to envision a paradise by just looking at an empty space. It is therefore no surprise that they have produced many satisfied customers by making their dream space come to fruition.

Samuel, the company’s director, says that he has been passionate about interior design since a very tender age. He mentions that being able to create a whole new space, be it residential or commercial, is like seeing an artist create an artwork from a blank piece of canvas. Clearly an individual driven by an artistic desire to create, Samuel studied the art of interior designing in school before transiting into a full-time interior designer.

He says that the main driving force behind his decision to venture into his own business was the fact that many of his customers encouraged him to come out and set up his own company. He maintains that he is very grateful for the support shown by the people around, as he is finally able to realize his vision and philosophy in a company of his own.

However, Samuel was quick to point out that the there was quite a steep learning curve in the initial stages of him setting up his own business. The major difference is the added role of managing a staff of his own and upholding a good image and reputation of the company. Despite these difficulties, it is with true grit and hard work that everything is operating smoothly at Dreamvision Designer.

The company believes that the ability to have a good staff is the most important tenet of a business. It is with this sense of belief that Dreamvision Designer is able to consistently meet their promises by producing services to a high standard.

It is only by having a proficient and creative team that Dreamvision Designer is able to be innovators in the game. The ability to constantly adapt and create is a big plus in an industry that takes pride in innovation and originality.

When asked about the qualities that one must possess in order to achieve success in the world of entrepreneurship, Samuel says that one must always be prepared to put in every ounce of sweat and tears into the work. However, the tenacity of hard work is not enough, as a successful entrepreneur must always be able to think out of the box, and lead the new wave of change in the industry. It is clearly evident that a day in the life of an entrepreneur is not a simple walk in the park, as an entrepreneur must possess both physical and mental strengths to ensure success.

According to Samuel, the motto is simply, “If you’re good, customers will refer you”. As such, what is exemplified is the idea that quality triumphs over every single marketing gimmick.

Dreamvision Designer hopes to conquer new grounds in the coming years. They seek to expand their business into countries such as, Vietnam and Myanmar. In fact, the company has already sent two team members over to those regions to scout for business opportunities. Furthermore, they also hope to expand their team so as to offer their services to a wider customer base.

It is with a fusion of dedication, passion, and a belief in quality services that Dreamvision Designer is able to garner an amazing amount of positive reviews. Ultimately, it will also be these very qualities that will ensure the continued success of Dreamvision Designer for a long time to come.

Contact Details:
61 Ubi Road 1, #01-10
Oxley Bizhub 1 (S) 408727
T| 6635 5888
F| 6635 5886
E| samuel.lim@dreamvision.com.sg


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