Drumstruck Studios Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Joshua Agilan

If you ever want to see children as young as four jamming like rock stars, then Drumstruck Studios is a place to visit. The genesis of Drumstruck Studios came with the goal to bring music education to people regardless of age. A young child will be able to refine his/her gross & fine motor skills by playing an instrument, while a teenager or working adult may be able to realize his/her dream of becoming a musician. This is truly a place where the realization of a dream is not merely a marketing slogan.

In addition to offering courses on instruments such as, electric & acoustic guitar, drums, bass, keyboards and pop piano, Drumstruck Studios also offer official examinations conducted by the prestigious Rockschool UK ranging from graded examinations to performing and teaching diplomas for aspiring students and teachers.

The studios in the school also ensure that students will be fully enthralled by the heritage of pop culture and contemporary music. With images of stars such as Mick Jagger and Stevie Wonder lining the walls of the rooms, it is an understatement to say that the place offers a good environment for a holistic education of the contemporary music culture.

The school offers people the opportunity to play contemporary music ranging from Rock, Fusion, Metal, Funk, Latin and Hip Hop. Evidently, the decision to make contemporary music the primary focus is something that sets Drumstruck Studios apart from schools that offer mainly classical music education. To this, Joshua Agilan, the studio’s founder, mentions that music is something that has a universal significance, and that many from the younger generation will be able to connect more with the contemporary music scene than with the older genres of music. He hopes that by learning more about contemporary music, people will then be able to go on to explore and create more diverse musical projects.

Joshua talked at length about his rags to riches story. He says that he used to give drumming lessons in his home, as he firmly beliefs that everyone deserves the opportunity of a music education. However, those informal lessons will inevitably bring about some trouble from the authorities due to what is perceived as noise pollution. He said, “I never expected to come this far”, as he recalled the days where he survived on $800 a month. Nevertheless, Joshua never gave up hope of becoming a bona fide instructor one day. While he was working for Yamaha Music, opportunity came knocking on the door when his supervisor spotted his talent, and he was asked to give clinics and workshops to larger groups of eager music lovers.

Evidently, the success of Drumstruck Studios is due to a pure love for music and music education. It is with a belief that music is something that unites people that Drumstruck Studios does not have an age limit to restrict potential students from registering with the school. On top of that, the school also allows their students to record their own songs, so that they can get a glimpse of life as professional musicians.

The future is bright for Drumstruck Studios, as they hope to provide teacher-training programs to groom more music educators. In addition, it is also interesting to note that many parents of Drumstruck’s existing students are eager to invest in the studio to bring music education to more people. Joshua is prudent about expansion, but he hinted that they might look into opening another branch in the next few years.

The primary objective of Drumstruck Studios is the education of their students. The staff at the studio derives their satisfaction from the success and improvements of their students, and they have produced many such students to be proud of. One particularly talented student managed to gain admission into the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston to pursue a Bachelor’s degree program. They are also very proud of the fact that the school has produced an incredible record of 100% students’ passing rate.

When asked about his own take on the meaning of entrepreneurship, Joshua says that one will have to persevere no matter the circumstance. He said, people must continually “perfect their art”, and in order to do that, one must be willing to sacrifice every ounce of sweat and tears.

The success of Drumstruck Studios can most certainly be attributed to a teamof knowledgeable and devoted instructors. It is with their time and expertisethat students bloom and improve in their chosen crafts. With their high level of dedication and passion towards music education, Drumstruck Studios might just be the music school to groom the next Jimi Hendrix or John Bonham.

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PoMo, 1 Selegie Road
#B1-10/11 S(188306)
T| 6336 4636
F| 6336 4346
E| admin@drumstruck.com.sg


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