Orient Quality Print Pte Ltd

Names of Recipients:
Mr. J Te
Mr. Alex Tan
Mr. Ben Chua

Established in the fall of 2010, Orient Quality Print is a company created by three friends. Their services include; designing, creating pressure sensitive labels, offset printing, silkscreen printing, and packaging options.

The decision to become entrepreneurs is something of a gamble to the three directors; however, they actually enjoy the challenges as it breaks the monotony of daily life. It allows them a rare opportunity to step out of their comfort zones and try something daring and adventurous.

The main reason for going into this industry is that Orient Quality Print seeks to fill a gaping hole in the market and provide good quality services and also to offer a new method to the existing industry.

However, the road of entrepreneurship is filled with great obstacles. The directors had to learn from scratch because the complexity of starting and running their own business is absolutely foreign to them. Not allowing the pressure to overwhelm them, they decided to work as hard as possible to get the business off the ground. It is with hard work that the three directors managed to overcome the steep learning curve. One of the contributing factors for their difficulty is due to the fact that there are no courses to learn in this industry, as such, it is through their own hands-on experience that Orient Quality Print managed to achieve success.

In addition, the company also had much difficulty in getting a bigger customer base during their early days. It is largely due to the fact that they are a relatively new company in the game, and had yet to establish themselves. However, it was not long before customers started flocking to Orient Quality Print because of their efficiency and friendly atmosphere. Eventually, they managed to secure a larger customer base due to glowing reviews and word-of-mouth referrals.

Orient Quality Print stands out in the industry, this is largely because they are capable of providing quality services at a faster pace. This has endeared many customers to the company’s services.

Furthermore, Orient Quality Print is a printing company with a tremendous corporate social responsibility, as they take environmental issues seriously. Due to the nature of their business, those at Orient Quality feel that it is their primary responsibility to lead the way towards a less wasteful society. For example, the company ensures that they use sustainable materials that are not harmful to the environment; on top of that, the materials they use are solvent free, this is so as to provide a safer and healthier environment for the larger community.

Expansion plans are on the minds of the directors, as they hope to operate in newer markets, more specifically, around the ASEAN region in the next few years. In the meantime, the company is hoping to expand on the range of solution products offered and continuing with their impeccable services.

The directors all concur that; diligence, perseverance and determination are the major qualities of a successful businessperson. The ability to have the diligence to consistently work hard is so that the company is able to ensure a high standard of products and services, while the power of perseverance and determination will allow one to engage in positivity rather than be weighed down by pessimistic thoughts. Mr J Te, one of the directors, said, “If you create high quality products, you can solve your customers’ problems”. Clearly, from what is said, it is more than evident that Orient Quality Print is a company that offers their services from their hearts.

In addition to having the mental and physical capacity to carry out the task of entrepreneurship, Mr J Te mentions that it is also important to note that one must be able to find a good team to work with. It is essential for everybody at a company to work in harmony and cohesion; this will create long-lasting bonds that transcend the usual confines of workplaces.

Clearly, Orient Quality Print is a highly motivated and diligent company that seeks to serve its customers. Moreover, their ability to blend a sense of self-belief with camaraderie and bonding is something that has brought them the success that they so rightfully deserve.

Contact Details:
30 Loyang Way #05-08/09 S(508769)
T| 6214 9490
F| 6214 9049
E| jte@orientqp.com.sg

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