MQ Communications Pte Ltd


Name of Recipient:
Mr. Eric Lee

From demand to a necessity, data communication has become an imperative and foremost part of our everyday life. Specialize in an avant-garde of structured cabling system for data and voice communication, this is a team you can fully rely on for their blue-chip products, services and professionalism, including network equipment, servers and many more.

Founded in the year 2001, MQ Communications Pte Ltd, of which represent Moral Quotient, has lives up to their moral value of being truthful in every communication, towards every aspects. Methodically evolve into an ‘one-stop’ solution provider specializing in cabling for data and voice communication, project management information technology infrastructure and more, the company has grown in leaps and bounds and is recognized for their renown
acclaimed peculiarities.

Endowed with experiences of more than two decades in the industry, Mr. Eric Lee, the Business Development Director of the company, has been heavily involved in information technology since national service days. Ambitioned to be an entrepreneur since young, the aspiring him has been clear-headed about his visions and goals, and has fulfill his commitment one step and a time

Embarking on his entrepreneurship endeavor with just he himself along with another key appointment holder, the company now has a workforce of more than thirty employees. Eric explains, “It is just as important to move and grow as a team as to run a taut ship on people management,” Eric emphasized. Being a management who deem teamwork as an magnum opus, he believe that bonding with employees regularly is significant in business, while drawing a clear line differentiating between work and play is as paramount. “We need to have a fair management that make ends meet toward all employees”, he added, “and I am
grateful to have this team who have work with me for almost ten years.”

“Information technology infrastructure is still niche in the market then, which is an advantage, Eric says, “however, it took us ceaseless effort in passing on ample product knowledge to the clients to ensure that they are equipped with the all-rounded necessary information they need to know.” Apart from optimizing information technologies structure with blue-chip equipment to achieve their business objectives for small medium enterprises (SMEs) and multinational companies (MNCs), the team has also collaborated with Partners to compliment each other with their individual services and products.

One should be patient with the result but impatient for the effort. “It was a painful experience where we don’t have enough manpower to acquire large scale projects initially because the demand was there”, Eric explains, “but we are glad to expand to the current size that enable us to render our expertise for all scales at all facets today.” Focusing on providing outstanding values, functionality and stability, the team expanded progressively by degree to establish an abiding foundation, rather than making the quick bucks by acquire one-time projects. Recognized for their competence and reliability, the team is also awarded with a rare opportunity to set up their first test laboratory for EMC Computers, out of incessant other major projects.

The economic crisis back in the year 2001 has been a fall at the first hurdle. “The market was so quiet that we could hear a pin drop, and we are thankful to survive that stage.” Eric elaborates. Putting every client’s interest before them, the team constantly seek to provide most cost-effective evaluation possible, with utmost professional sound consultation follow by efficient implementations to ensure they deliver nothing but the best catered personalized solutions to every account.

“Nothing is just as powerful than word-of-mouth.” Eric said. Carving out a niche by offering differentiated services and dedicated attentions to every client, the team work their way up to have new clients look up for them now instead of the converse, while consistently fulfilling the existing accounts. “In building a business, It is important to view things like a cube which has six sides and leave and take everything a hundred percent positive in both mentality and attitude.”, says Eric, “and building a strong network is quintessential to business as well and networking is not so much about who you know but who knows and recognizes you for what you do”, he added.

Evolve from a partnership to a private limited company, the team has now moving forward to expanding internationally to many countries in Southeast Asia. “You should be Passionate in what you are dealing with.”, Eric emphasized. Setting their vision internationally with focus in grooming talents locally, MQ Communications, under the leadership of Eric, has plans to form specialist teams to handle various specific trades, mainly with focus on small, medium enterprises.

Contact Details:
Blk 15 Toa Payoh Lor 8 #04-05
Braddell Tech S(319262)
T| 6499 7600
F| 6256 7920

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