Venus Skin-Aesthetics Institute Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Ms. Stephanie Lin

There are no ugly women in this world, just lazy one. Being beautiful is a prerogative of women. The same applies for entrepreneurship. No entrepreneur is born as a failure, only those who does not strive hard. Entrepreneurship is where an entrepreneur creates opportunities for his own success. Venus Skin – Aesthetic Institute; denoting the planet Venus; the second planet from the sun, a stratospheric planet with the quality of beauty encompassing around it.

Miss Stephanie Lin, the creator of Venus Skin- Aesthetic Institute, then explained how the name was concocted: “The name Venus was an idea of a Canadian friend. We focus and move along the beauty and skin care line, we want to make known to the public our expertise. Thus, the name Venus Skin Aesthetic Institute was born.” What Venus Skin – Aesthetic Institute accentuates is its professional facial treatments and permanent hair removal services which are accomplished by the use of high-end imported equipments and adroit personnel without any hitches.

Miss Lin’s business acumen stretched back to 6 years ago, when she was working as a sales manager in the beauty line. Miss Lin is also masterly in the facial and skin care region, having familiarly trained in this industry for more than 15 years; possessing knowledge to what makes up a good beautician. “I chose to become an entrepreneur as I can excel my abilities and create opportunities for others. What’s more we can contribute to the society.” Miss Lin stated.

Encountering impediments when commencing a business is part and parcel of life. As Venus Skin – Aesthetic Institute initiated in 2007, the business was met with a manpower shortage problem. “We have the skills, we have the equipments, but we do not have the people. It’s hard to find people who are trained in this aspect of the industry, which is beauty and skin care.” Miss Lin explicated. “That is why we open the doors to anyone who’s interested and willing to learn the trade of this industry. We still continue to look for talents and suitable people till this day though it is difficult.”

Despite these hurdles, Venus Skin Aesthetic Institute manages to sustain a high caliber in the trade constituted by its supreme management and skilled staffs. “Many, lots and lots of our customers, have been our loyal customers since day one.” as Miss Lin put into words with elation. “Many of our customers brought their friends and relatives their friends and family to try our services as it worked very well for themselves.” Miss Lin added. This is an cinch; a certainty to Venus Skin Aesthetic Institute, being a pinnacle in the beauty and skin care industry.

To Venus Skin – Aesthetic Institute, it’s pertinent to address itself to its service and quality of treatment in order to win the hearts of customers. “We only use high quality imported products from the European countries. We also invest in top notch, high end equipments to achieve astounding results for our customers.” Miss Lin interpreted. Such professionalism brought astonishing results to Venus Skin- Aesthetic Institute. The company had expanded from two, to six outlets today. Venus Skin Aesthetic Institute was also able to establish a huge base of clienteles at full tilt since initiation. As Miss Lin puts it: “We started our business with zero base. Today, we have more than a thousand.”

“Entrepreneurship is the process where you excel beyond your own ability and capability. It’s a test for yourself, to see if you are able to stand firm, be strong, patient and being a good leader for your team no matter what the situation is.” Miss Lin deciphered the significance of entrepreneurship is to her.

“In my opinion, a good entrepreneur would have a very good foresight. He must be able to think out of the box; be different and do something that others can’t do. Most importantly, he must be able to go with the flow and follow the trend to capture the hearts of consumers.” Miss Lin gave a description upon the qualities needed in order to be a successful entrepreneur. Miss Lin then advocated: “If you would like to start a business, set up a good and professional attitude, be patient, hardworking and never give up, constantly review your business plan and adjust according to the market needs.”

Venus Skin – Aesthetic Institute aims to bring professionalism to a whole new level by expanding the business with more outlets in Singapore. Additionally, Venus Skin- Aesthetic Institute plans to increase its manpower strength by triple fold, from 20 to 60 within the next 3 years. “Overall, we aim to provide better services to our clients.” Miss Lin concluded.

Contact Details:
12 Gopeng Street #01-66/67
Icon Village S(078877)
T| 6238 5688

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