V-Shine Global Pte Ltd

Names of Recipients:
Mr. Ravindran Singh
Mr. Vijay Anand

With the improvements in the standard of living, the emphasis on safety in houses is greater than ever before. Not a matter to be taken lightly, one should only seek out the best for their home infrastructure. V-Shine Global Pte Ltd is a company committed to providing the highest safety standards for electrical, plumbing, and integrated engineering works.

Established in 2011 by Mr. Ravindran Singh and Mr. Vijay Anand, V-Shine global takes on all kinds of projects, providing services such as electrical works, fire protection systems, as well as plumbing and sanitary works. For electrical works, they are able to provide solutions such as security systems, telephone systems, CCTV, access control and more. Their clients include both of the commercial and residential variety from all industries, and this versatility has enabled them to garner clients from various industries and individuals with different needs, amassing an impressive client base in the process.

Previously a director of another company, Ravindran was curious with the art of doing business. At that time, as both directors already have extensive experience in the same industry, they are determined to make a positive change in the industry. Ravindran explains, “Normally, for sub-contractors, their commitment toward safety is at a low priority, but the two of us don’t believe that it should be the case. With our technical background, we then set up V-Shine Global as a way of making a stand, with a priority toward safety.”

With their company established, both Ravindran and Vijay soon found some challenges during their initial operations. Vijay elaborated, “At that time, we did not even have a office setup. Also, as we are new, we had to create an awareness of the brand that took a few years to accomplish.” Hence, to overcome these problems, both founders grabbed hold of every opportunity they can find. “To create awareness, we have to wait for an opening.” Ravindran explained. “But without projects, we cannot create this opening. Hence we need a portfolio that we have to build from our initial projects. Then, from our existing clients, we started getting other opportunities, and this has allowed us to expand our organization.”

Within a short period of time, V-Shine Global has set up their operations to match the industry safety standards. “As we mentioned, safety is very important to us. We tell our workers that, if they want to stop any work for safety reasons, they can go ahead. We have built our company around these guidelines, and we drive our people to match the same standards.”

Two years into the business, V-Shine Global has more than doubled their contract sum. Ravindran shared with us, “This year, we have achieved more than five million dollars of contract sum, which was much more than the previous years combined.” This is an clear indication that V-Shine Global has established themselves as a prominent member in the industry.

As they look back on their journey so far, both Vijay and Ravindran both felt they have learnt important lessons in entrepreneurship. For Ravindran, he believes that the financial aspect of the company should be maintained properly. “In order to run big jobs, maintaining cash flow is important, and payments should be prompt. Financial management should be a priority.” For Vijay, demonstrating appropriate leadership is his priority. “Leadership consists of many things. Time management, transparency in communications, patience, they all play a part. It is how you interact, and handle the workers.”

For the next few years, Vijay and Ravindran are content to maintain their current range of services, but both founders are eager for V-Shine Global to expand in operations. Vijay shared, “We are trying to expand regionally in Malaysia and India.” Ravindran then added, “But presently, our main operations is definitely still in Singapore, and we are planning to open another office in 2015.”

With their strong stand in safety, their expertise and experience, there is little doubt that Vijay and Ravindran will mold V-Shine Global into a major player in the industry in the years to come.

Contact Details:
190 Woodlands Bizhub #03-11
Woodlands Industrial Park E5 S(757516)
T| 6684 7734
F| 6684 7735
E| support@vshinegroups.com

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