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Mdm. Chee Geok Hwa

Around since 5000 B.C., one of the oldest and most useful mathematical tools that were ever invented is the abacus. Since its invention, it has since then been used as an effective way to teach kids mathematics, and it is now heralded as a unique and effective way to get kids more familiar with the concepts of multiplication, division, addition, subtraction and even decimal points. In recent years, the abacus has been used in a relatively new and cutting edge teaching style called 3G abacus mental-arithmetic, which Mdm. Chee Geok Hwa, the founder of U E 3G Abacus Pte Ltd, invented.

Established in 2002, U E 3G Abacus provides a series of courses for people who wish to learn the mental arithmetic skills of abacus. This not only includes the elementary, intermediate, and advanced courses, but also instructor-training courses for those who wished to teach 3G abacus mental-arithmetic as well. The school also developed unique syllabus and grading examination for the students that are also carefully catered to individual’s strength and limitations. To demonstrate the effectiveness of the 3G Abacus, the centre has had students participating in national and international competitions, and have won numerous awards from them.

Before establishing the U E Learning Centre in 2002, Mdm Chee Geok Hwa was an experienced instructor of traditional abacus (Soroban) for over 10 years. She recognized that one of the biggest benefits that children would get from 3G abacus is the indisputable ability to learn and memorize the multiplication table faster. Learning abacus mental arithmetic can also instill a strong sense of understanding of numbers for the young children, and can help them to genuinely and naturally grow a love for mathematics, which would prove really helpful once they start taking the harder math subjects at school.

As time went by, Mdm. Chee noticed that parents started to send younger and younger children for Abacus classes. However, the complicated formulas required in traditional abacus calculation were proving more difficult for the young children to handle. Hence, in 2005, Mdm Chee created the 3rd Generation 2-in-1 Abacus®, which was a breakthrough from the Soroban, with a revolutionary teaching method.

The 3rd Generation (2-in-1) Abacus® is made up of columns of 9 beads. It is a new invention that allows students to pick up the technique of abacus calculation faster. There are less formulas (2 sets, instead of 6 sets) to memorize, making it much easier to learn. It improves Mathematics and mental calculation, response capability, thinking skills and concentration power. It also helps students to relate better to the Mathematics they learn in school.

The 3G Abacus Mental-Arithmetic Course was introduced to Community Clubs/Centre, Residents’ Committees, Primary Schools, Pre-Schools and Kindergartens all over Singapore and was well received by parents and students. Gradually, Mdm Chee started receiving more and more enquiries expressing interest in 3G Abacus, with some of them coming from overseas. And in 2012, UE 3G Abacus Pte Ltd was established to handle franchise and licensing matters with both our local and overseas licensees.

With the centre now firmly established in the abacus learning industry, Mdm. Chee proudly proclaims, “We started from zero, but now, 3G Abacus has spread to many locations, with over eighty teachers, and twenty-five licensees. We have also started Masters lessons for those who want to improve their craft further. Not only that, we have expanded, and introduced 3G Abacus to locations like Malaysia and Turkey.” In addition, U E 3G Abacus has also established themselves overseas with award winning competition performances.

For someone who is a pioneer in her industry, Mdm. Chee knows very well the elements needed to achieve success. “You must persevere, and must not give up so easily. Work bravely toward your goals, but don’t expect to earn millions upon your first steps. You have to start from the bottom with realistic goals.”

“For UE 3G Abacus Pte Ltd, the Mission & Vision is to ‘Educate and bring the best out of each student in Abacus and Mental-Arithmetic’ and to ‘Reach out to each and every student in Singapore and globally to equip them with knowledge of 3G Abacus.’”

“We abide by our ACE mindset, to help our students Gain, Grow, and Glow (3G).”

Authentic – we use only proven methodology based on rigorous research
Customer focus – we do our best to educate each student
Enthusiastic – 3G Abacus education is our passion

UE 3G Abacus Pte Ltd currently boasts of over 20 local and 2 overseas licensees in Malaysia and Turkey, with the company continually looking to expand both locally, as well as overseas, so as to benefit more students in Singapore and all over the world. With their unique abacus system and a committed leader, we are sure U E 3G Abacus will continue to carve out a prestigious name for themselves in the years to come.

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T| 6425 0982
E| info@3gabacus.com


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