Velvety Beauty

Name of Recipient:
Ms. Michelle Loke

Life is not about achievement; it’s about learning and growth, and developing qualities like compassion, patience, perseverance, love, and joy. Through this notion, Miss Michelle Loke was able materialize a formidable business, Velvety Beauty; a beauty salon adept in facial, body massage, slimming and waxing treatments.

One year before its initiation in 1994, the conceptualization of Velvety Body came to Miss Michelle’s mind. “I was working in my company; one that deals with beauty, for nearly 6 years. However, I decided to leave for good, as I wanted to experience more.” Miss Michelle reminisced the situation. Working in a new company enlightened Miss Michelle that she was not able to adapt to the new environment, having worked at her previous employment for such a long time. This spurred Miss Michelle’s intention to start her own entrepreneurship.

“My mother was also encouraging me to start my own business, stating that I have the experience and the capabilities.” Miss Michelle revealed her mother’s espousing, who also became the second director of the company, alongside herself. Miss Michelle was also curious, wanting to explore more, as she explains: “I like being an entrepreneur a lot, I don’t feel like I am working, I enjoy what I do daily. The learning experience is never ending. We get to meet different kinds of people, where everyday is a learning experience.”

Over the years, Miss Michelle was able to bring Velvety Beauty into success with her proficiency. Nevertheless, the path to success was arduous, especially when The Asian Financial Crisis, and the outbreak of the SARS epidemic was advent during the initialization of the business. “It’s tough to bring in new customers as the economy was bad. Being a leader, also meant that I have to do everything on my own, such as hands on treatment, advertising and consulting.” Miss Michelle disclosed these lugubrious instances.

Quitting is never a word found in the vocabulary of a superlative entrepreneur such as Miss Michelle, as she divulged how she managed to tide over these impediments: “I personally gave out flyers at MRT Stations, before and after work. Thankfully, it was effective, and people started to come in and words started to spread. Many come together as a group as they work together in offices around here.” Velvety Beauty was vastly circulated, being made known among many people, with the help of advertisements. Within a year, business started to proliferate and stabilize. “We then hired 2 more beauticians and a manager to help out.” Miss Michelle added.

“My husband chose this name together with me. ‘Velvety’ to us, resembles smoothness, softness, and comfort. Which is the feeling we want to give to our customers.” Miss Michelle explained how the name Velvety Beauty was formed. In order to propagate such Velvety beauty, the company makes sure that all its staffs are well trained, by the means of attending courses to further self-improve themselves. “Velvety Beauty is made up of a team of loyal staffs, which have been with us for more than 5 years.” Miss Michelle responded. This is certainly good, as familiarity is something customers always want.

What really separates Velvety Beauty from its competitors is the fact that the business is able to proffer results that are palpable. “Many of our customers came to us, as they did not managed to see results after patronizing other beauty salons.” Miss Michelle remarked. Due to its adroitness in this facet, many local celebrities, such as Andrea de Cruz and Pierre Png, have patronized Velvety Beauty. However, this is not limited to just local stars, as Miss Michelle adds: “Hong Kong star Charlie Yeung once patronized us as well.” This shows the potency of Velvety Beauty as a whole.

Through its course of operations, Velvety Beauty saw many expansions being taken place. “We started with 6 therapy rooms, now we have 10.” Miss Michelle listed. “We started from zero, and now we have a team of trained staffs. Most importantly, it is the fact that I have such great employees. They see me as a mentor, one that shares knowledge and experience with them, they recognized me with respect for that.”

“Entrepreneurship is something amazing.” Miss Michelle contemplated, “To be able to see results after putting in so much effort, and since entrepreneurship is endless, you are able to go further and further.” Miss Michelle also mentioned with delectation: “I love my job, I find it very interesting. It’s also satisfying to see the results from customers. I am motivated by this.” In addition to being motivated by the job derived from her job, Miss Michelle is also inspired by her mother: “My mother is also a businesswoman, I am also inspired by her. My mum is an independent person, who succeeded with her own hands, I want to be like her.”

Miss Michelle also went on to guide: “A successful entrepreneur must be motivated, self-disciplined, humbleness, and possess patience. Only if an entrepreneur is willing to take challenges, and explore into new grounds, then he or she would succeed.” Miss Michelle continued: “A successful entrepreneur must also be able to accept people’s opinions and comments with an open mind.”

“You have to be familiar in what you do. A true entrepreneur dares and try to take the risk. Nevertheless, one must be sure to have enough funds to start a company.” Miss Michelle advocated young people yearning to start their own business. Miss Michelle also shared some of Velvety Beauty’s future plans ecstatically: “Maybe we would open a new outlet, a branch, or, we might proceed with a renovation at our current location to create more therapy rooms to serve our customers better.” Miss Michelle also asserted: “We will not compromise on our quality. We do not want to open a new outlet and not giving the best to our customers.”

With this conviction in mind, it is certain that Velvety Beauty upholds Quality. The future looks resplendent for Velvety Beauty regardless any hitches met in the future.

Contact Details:
155/157 Telok Ayer Street S(068611)
T| 6222 2463
HP| 9733 4202

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