Takara Pets

Names of Recipients:
Ms. Joanne Chong
Mr. Dylan Chong

Since ancient times, humans have sought to find companionship in the form of pets. Whether it is dogs, cats, rabbits, or something else, many find their companionship a stabilizing element in their lives. In recent times, with services as pet grooming or spa being offered, many pet owners have given in, eager to pamper their animal companions. Takara Pets, a company which specializes in grooming and vegetarian food for pets in Singapore, aims to use their passion to provide the best service for anyone’s animal companion.

Established in 2009 by Ms. Joanne Chong and Mr. Dylan Chong, Takara Pets offers services which include pet grooming, spa services, styling and fancy cutting, as well as coloring. They also retail pet food and accessories for dogs, cats, and rabbits. Currently, Takara Pets is the one and only pet shop in Singapore that provides vegetarian food fare for pets.

It all started with Joanne’s simple passion for pets. Having pets of her own, Joanne soon began harboring dreams of establishing a pet centre of their own. With the help of her brother Dylan, the siblings set up Takara Pets.

However, there were some challenges both of them had to overcome first. As Joanne was still studying when Takara Pets was first established, she had to fulfill both commitments at the same time. With Joanne managing the marketing and grooming aspect of the business, Dylan was on hand to handle the rest. For Dylan, it was a steep learning curve as well. Previously working in the IT industry, it was a big jump to working in the pet industry. With only the two of them managing the business, Dylan and Joanne found that they had plenty of things to learn before they get the hang of the business.

But with plenty of time and effort, and learning from day to day, gradually the challenges Dylan and Joanne first faced did not seem so significant after some time. As both of them interact and communicate with their customers, they found that they learnt much from their customers. Using their customer’s experience, Dylan and Joanne found ways to improve their own service, raising their standard in the process. Also, now that Joanne has graduated, she is also able to devote a substantial amount of time to Takara Pets, greatly relieving the problems they first faced.

As they build up their client base, recognition of their work soon poured in as well. In 2010, Takara Pets ran an online nation wide competition and was being interviewed by Capital 95.8FM. As part of the HDB effort to recognize small-medium enterprises, they were selected and featured on Lian He Zao Bao, with a small column detailing their services and achievements. Also, from a small shop in Choa Chu Kang, they have now moved to a bigger premise in Jurong, signifying a brighter future ahead for them.

At a young age, both Dylan and Joanne have achieved things many young people their age would not think of achieving. Looking back on their journey, they are very grateful to their parents for supporting their career dreams from the start. “We were lucky; our parents were very supportive. They gave us advice, and encouragement along the way. Without them, we would not have accomplished everything we had today.” In addition, they included a special mention for one of their ex-staff, Ms. April Sim. “We would like to thank April for her dedicated help and support over the years, it has truly contributed a lot to our company’s achievements today.”

“An entrepreneur should not be afraid of hardship.” Dylan said, “Being an entrepreneur, it is a harder path than others. Therefore, they should plan ahead, and not thinking too much of the problem. Take action. Be daring to try.” Joanne on the other hand, thinks that sincerity and honesty is important. “They have to be honest and sincere, because that is the way to gain trust from customers.”

As Takara Pets grows, Dylan and Joanne have further plans to expand their range of services. This includes starting classes such as grooming, ownership classes, as well as providing pet photography services after they have groomed their customer’s pets to perfection. They also plan to foray into the human food industry, bringing in vegetarian foods that are green, free of fish and meat. With their proactive attitude toward bringing in the best for their business, we are confident that Dylan and Joanne will continue to make Takara Pets a prominent name in the industry.

Contact Details:
482 Jurong West Street 41
#01-262 S(640482)
T| 6569 6933
E| bark_us@takarapets.com.sg


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