Dial A Car Battery

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Eric Koh

Imagine yourself going to your car preparing to attend an important event. Suddenly, your car doesn’t start. The fuel tank is not empty, and you just sent the car for routine servicing, what could be wrong? You then realise, the car dashboard lights are flickering and weak, the car battery must be flat. The mechanic certainly did not inform you about that. Luckily for your imaginary self, the Dial A Car Battery company is just a phone call away, and your imaginary self is saved.

Established in 2010 by Mr. Eric Koh, Dial A Car Battery is a roaming company that provides car battery replacement services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, regardless of where the situation is across the island. With just a phone call, Dial A Car Battery immediately renders help to anyone, anywhere. Dial A Car Battery is also a one-stop solution for battery services for car owners.

Eric has noted that many car owners seem to overlook their car batteries, which are situated in a less-noticeable and less-accessible part of the car. Mechanics at vehicle-servicing centres tend to reassure car owners that the batteries are in good condition, despite that being the contrary at times. As a result, it is not uncommon for car owners to find their car battery breaking down at the most unexpected of times and places, and that is where Dial A Car Battery comes in to save the day.

Eric is a Do-It-Yourself kind of person, and would often dismantle things like motorcycles to tinker with them. A few years before he established Dial A Car Battery, Eric had friends who would approach Eric for help with their cars. He would do free ‘mobile rescues’ for his friends who had either a flat tyre or flat battery. Eric found that he was good at offering help to his friends. “Since I can do it for my friends,” Eric explained. “I can do it for the public as well.” Thus, the basics for Dial A Car Battery mobile rescues were formed.

When it came to naming the company, Eric was instead inspired by company names like ‘Dial A Cab’ and ‘Dial A Pizza’, which were to-the-point and catchy, and decided upon ‘Dial A Car Battery’. With one look at the name, people would instantly know what the company is about.

One challenge Eric faced was the wide range of car models. It was a requirement for him to be familiar with as many car models as possible, and he was only comfortable with several ones. He had to experiment repeatedly, and it was a steep learning curve. Eric also had to make many personal sacrifices for the sake of the company, having to drop whatever he’s doing to render assistance to his customers.

Eric was able to find a good battery supplier, and believes that the wide range of car batteries they can provide to customers has helped the expansion of his business. He also did much advertising, and after three years, Dial A Car Battery has managed to expand into the market, having gathered a substantial client base with more than 2,500 likes on its Facebook page as of today. Starting out providing services to only 30-40 cars per month to 150-200 cars today, Eric is proud of this significant increase in client base in the short operation span of three years.

Passion has been something that set Dial A Car Battery apart from its competitors. Eric started off servicing his friends’ vehicles. “I found passion there,” he said. “I like doing what I do.” Based on customer experience, other companies do not provide services as well as Dial A Car Battery does.

Eric also wishes to hire middle-aged mechanics to work in Dial A Car Battery in the future. “I want to provide them employment,” Eric explained. “They can work here, where otherwise they would be forgotten by society.” Keeping his mechanics happy will enable them to stay longer, and maintain the standards, thus the quality of Dial A Car Battery’s services declining is not a concern.

Other than being self-motivated, and believing in himself and his ideas, Eric also mentioned his wife being a large inspiration. “She has been with me all the way. My wife trusts me, and has let me spend a lot of time serving the public and the nation,” Eric continued. “I’m grateful to my wife for allowing me to embark on this journey.” Eric is also proud to say that his wife is able to change car batteries herself as well, having picked up the skills from Eric.

One important thing that a person should keep in mind if he or she wishes to succeed is to think positive. There are bound to be negative people along the way. “You don’t have to listen to them. Trust yourself, believe in your mindsets,” Eric said. “If everything’s ‘no’, you won’t succeed.”

“You have to plan carefully, save enough money,” Eric advises young people who want to run their own enterprise. “Don’t rely on bank loans; they will pull you down if anything goes wrong. Be careful with your money.” Eric also emphasizes on being stress-free, and to be realistic. He adds, “Don’t expand for the sake of expansion. You must have enough capital.”

Eric hopes to expand his business even further, but does not wish to overstretch the company. Dial A Car Battery’s services currently include towing, on-the-spot tyre patching and car battery replacements, among other services, and Eric hopes to increase the services that Dial A Car Battery can provide. Dial A Car Battery is striving to be the best in the field, and Eric hopes it becomes a household name in 10-20 years’ time. With such an enthusiastic and resourceful leader at its helm, Dial A Car Battery is sure to continue prospering in the field of excellence in the many years to come.

Contact Details:
141 Rivervale Street
#04-790 S(540141)
T| 9047 5437
E| amaron_hilife@yahoo.com.sg

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