Trillion Credit Solutions Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Ms. Michelle Liew

There are many well- known inspiring influential people out there such as Thomas Edison, the Wright Brothers and even famous sport stars Michael Jordan. From their stories, many of us get inspired enough to start taking action in order to change our lives, while others will just see these stories as something that occurred because of luck. If we take a step closer to look at their story, we will realize these extraordinary people became successful not because of pure luck, but the fact that they made their own luck. They are able to be successful simply because they had the willpower and determination to rise above all the setbacks and challenges.

Just like any famous people we know; Miss Michelle Liew inherited the similar characteristics. Michelle started Trillion Credit Solutions in year 2010. Coming from a simple family, Michelle started working since she graduated from her diploma seven years ago. Despite having to work in different trade such as HR, Telco and Entertainment events, Michelle knew deep down in her heart that she wanted to own a business of her own. With encouragement from her family and friends, she started exploring types of business, doing feasibility studies on them and finally she decided upon the moneylending industry.

In Trillion Credit Solutions, it provides legal personal loans, financial loans, cash loans to Singaporean, Singapore PRs and foreigners holding valid employment passes in Singapore that are in urgent needs. “My greatest satisfaction in this industry is to be able to help those in urgent needs and receiving grateful thanks from them!” Michelle commented. “Other than that, being able to lead a team of dedicated and professional employees are also important to me. Good employees to me are one strong factor to the success of a company.”

Michelle faced disappointment and challenges in her journey to success; one of her biggest challenge is to think of how to outreach the company to the public. Michelle need to constantly think of creative newspaper advertisement to attract customers, however, after a year of operating, government laws restricted moneylending companies in their channels of advertisement. “The government rules are becoming more and more stringent, and it does affect business on a level. For example, besides no advertisements, we are also not allowed to open more outlets.” Michelle then needs to source for other means and channel to reach out to the public, like investing in their website to enhance their corporate image as well as participation on approved online advertising.

In the face of all the challenges, Michelle stayed firm and kept her eyes on her goal, as she slowly and steadily made her steps towards her goal. She ensures that all her staff undergoes proper training in providing tip top customer service and are all familiar with the moneylenders acts, rules and regulations. In addition, by retaining good connections to their clients, they are also able to introduce word-of-mouth recommendations to Trillion Credit Solutions.

“With so many competitions in this industry, I have revolutionized Trillion Credit Solutions to create a healthy image towards the money lending trade, which include tips for the borrower and highlighting to them that they should borrow responsibly and it should be for the right purpose.” Michelle highlighted, “We also customize different loan packages to suit the needs and budget of our customers.”

“Being an entrepreneur means controlling your own destinies to a greater extent. Unlike working for others, an entrepreneur needs to judge and make the right decisions for the company. This means you need to know how to run the company and when to reassess the management strategies on top of other issues such as cash flow and expansion.” Michelle exemplifies. “With strong determination and perseverance in the face of obstacles, the ability to seize the opportunity, the ability to take risks and a goal in life, these are the basic qualities one should acquire in order to be successful in business. They also need to not forget to put in the hard work and effort they need to put in, and always stay positive at all times. It’s never easy! But you should never give up in pursuing dreams.” Michelle advocates the budding entrepreneur.

As one of the 2012 recipients of the Singapore’s Outstanding Enterprise award, it is a true testament to their success that they have now been awarded the 2013 award as well. But Michelle for now is eager to remain as they are. “As the policy changes fast, we will have to see how they evolve.” With her passion for business, and her success spurring her on, we have no doubt that Michelle will continue to do the same for Trillion Credit Solutions.

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99A Tanjong Pagar Road S(088520)
T| 9654 9199


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