Handal Indah Sdn Bhd

Names of Recipients:
Ms. Fang Lim
Mr. Lim Chern Chuen

With Malaysia right across the border, and many Malaysian nationals plying their trade in Singapore, it seems almost natural to ask for a good bus service that shuttles these Malaysian workers back to their own homes after a long day at work. Causeway Link is one such company, as they seek to provide quality bus rides and services to those jetting back and forth the Singapore-Malaysia border.

It should also be noted that Causeway Link is the only Malaysian bus service that shuttles from neighboring Johor Bahru to Singapore. In addition, Causeway Link also operates bus services all the way to Malaysia’s capital city, Kuala Lumpur.

A family business, Causeway Link started off as a small company with only a few transportation service lines. The business expanded when there was a rise in demand for shuttle services across the border. It is only then that the company decided to seize the opportunity and expand their business.

In order to ensure the constant standard of service, the company set up a control center department using GPS to monitor the arrival and departure times of the buses. Moreover, the dedicated people at Causeway Link take feedback from their customers very seriously, as they see all feedback as constructive and as a chance for improvement.

The company hopes to serve more tourists in the years to come. This is also an opportune time, as the state of Johor has become more of a tourist destination due to the inception of many tourist-friendly establishments. In addition, Causeway Link is also converting all of its transactions with a cashless smartcard service, named, the ManjaLink Card. This cashless system will be fully implemented by the end of 2013. In addition, the company has also increased the number of pick up locations to include places like Newton Circus.

Both Fang Lim and Chern Chuen mentioned that their proudest achievement is when they receive great encouragement and support from customers. This acts as a stamp of approval as they are a customer-centric company, and the very fact that they have managed to secure their customers’ trust is something that makes them proud. That is also why the company is nicknamed the “Smiling Bus”, as they hope to bring a sense of joy and satisfaction to all customers.

According to Fang Lim and Chern Chuen, “seeing people being committed to their jobs and working as a team is rewarding enough”. To both recipients, the importance of teamwork is of absolute importance. This is because it is their belief that no man makes a team, and that every single success is attributed to a larger team effort.

When asked about the qualities required for success, both recipients concurred that perseverance and commitment are essential. It is only by combining these two traits that success will soon follow. In addition to that, it is always important for any aspiring entrepreneur to be savvy and for every decision-making to always consider possible risks and returns, and have a back-up plan in case things do not turn out as expected.

Fang Lim advocates that a person possess a sound knowledge of the industry and a general direction in life. She said, “To be successful in this industry, one must possess strong determination and creativity to solve problems. For example, in the Malaysia environment, there is a massive shortage of bus drivers and we have to come up with our own sponsorship and training program to increase the pool of drivers”. Chern Chuen added that one can only proceed to start up a business if he or she is sure that this is the ideal route to venture into. Therefore, what seems evident is that both recipients advocate the use of sound business acumen and basic pragmatism.

Ultimately, Causeway Link’s success can also be attributed to the same advice that Fang Lim and Chern Chuen advocate. Namely, taking small and humble steps into the world of business, and also the spirit of perseverance and commitment. Clearly, the ability to practice what they preach is something that has garnered much success for the duo. Most importantly, it is the very ability to walk the walk, that Causeway Link will only see more success in the years to come.

Contact Details:
18 Sungei Kadut Way S(728789)
T| 6363 5133
E| feedback@support.causewaylink.com.my

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