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Name of Recipient:
Mr. Davis Jiang

Without the strength to endure the crisis, one will not see the opportunity within. It is within the process of endurance that opportunity reveals itself. Through the midst of crisis, success prevailed for Union Screen, a printing company; a signification of a group of friends coming together to create a business and pooling of resources, as it pulled through by means of perseverance.

Union Screen has proffered customers from the electronics, engineering and Food and Beverage industries a plethora of printing services, such as screen-printing, label printing, and precision die cutting. At fore of all its operations is Mr Davis Jiang, who started Union Screen in 2001 and has been proliferating ever since. “As the printing industry is something we are familiar with, I decided to seize the opportunity present during that time.” Mr Jiang reminisced. “For me, Union Screen is a challenge; to face the challenge of starting a new business that synergies with our existing portfolio.” Mr Jiang elucidated his reasons, which permeated him to start out his own entrepreneurship.

Initiating with just 5 employees, the number soon grew rapidly through time.

As Mr Jiang reflected: “We have been cold calling on customers until they agree to try our services. From that initial foothold, Union Screen shall endeavor to be their first choice for all printing services. “As with all new start-ups, we had our fair shares of hiccups during the initial years.  As we were new, we encountered some cash flow problems, aggressive competitors in this trade as well, and customers who do not possess confidence in our services.” Mr Jiang mulled over.

“We started to work with our supplier closely to earn their trust, so as to extend their credit to us. This gave some aid towards our cash flow problems.” Mr Jiang disclosed how Union Screen managed to resolve its problems methodically. “We provide value for our services. We provide good quality and services for our customers. Customers values and appreciates this and, naturally, put us as their top choice. We also work with customers, understand their needs and deadlines. We always ensure that we meet or exceed their expectations.” With certainty, Union Screen is no ordinary business. It is a winner in all aspects.

Forgetting your mistakes is a terrible error if you are trying to improve your recognition in this industry. “When a problem arises with the production order, we will liaise with customers and brainstorm on how to resolve the problem.  Only after the order is fulfilled, then will we analyze where the problem lies and take corrective actions to rectify and improve future orders.” Mr Jiang asserted.  Such is our philosophy and constantly seeking feedback from our customers to improve the work process for both our customers and ourselves.

Through its operation over a decade, Mr Jiang had perpetually metamorphosed Union Screen to its success today. Without doubt, Union Screen is Mr Jiang’s pride and joy, something which he had toiled hard for. Despite some of the setbacks met throughout his entrepreneurship journey, Mr Jiang remains quietly confidence about Union Screen’s future.  “Starting the business from scratch and able to build Union Screen over the years has been my pride. Overcoming the financial turbulence during 2007 and 2008 made us more determined to bring the company to the next level.”

“Entrepreneurship is all about hard work, team work and a consultative style of management.” Mr Jiang defined what entrepreneurship signifies to him.  “You must have an internal desire, commitment, self-confidence and self-motivation in your business to suffice as an entrepreneur.” Mr Jiang added on. “Entrepreneurship is all about survival. By ensuring the survival of the company, we ensure that our employees stay employed as well.  Thus, I will not let the company collapse so easily.” Mr Jiang disclosed his fervent determination, and motivation to keep the company going on.

In this combative world, it requires a preeminent entrepreneur in order to succeed. Without doubt, Mr Jiang is an amazing example of a self-made entrepreneur. Mr Jiang then gave his viewpoint on how an entrepreneur would succeed: “As an entrepreneur, he or she must possess creativity, flexibility and ingenuity. A successful entrepreneur works differently from the pack. He or she must also be hardworking, and have the temperament and tolerance to endure through crisis.” Mr Jiang continued: “If you like to start your own business, be prepared to be hardworking, and sacrificial for your business. An entrepreneur must also have a vision for the company to succeed as well.”

Technology is always evolving, and companies cannot be afraid to take advantage of these changes. To push the company towards further heights, Union Screen constantly seek to upgrades its’ staff and management.  We are also investing in new machineries and keeping abreast of the latest printing technologies. Only by doing so will we ensure the success of the company.

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#03-09 Eastech Building S(489947)
T| 6443 8223
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E| union@unionlabel.com.sg

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