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Name of Recipient:
Mr. Thayalan

With its wide tree-lined streets of Yio Chu Kang, overlooking the sprawling Serangoon Stadium field, the Highland Centre offers the perfect sanctuary to Kovan Learning Centre (KLC), evoking intense memories in the mind of its owner of his own humble beginnings, before a flurry of kids come rushing through excitedly for his tuition classes, marking the birth of a typical day.

In the land dubbed as “tuition nation”, what KLC offers is a breath of fresh of air. Swaying away from the conventional approach of teaching by focusing on character development instead, the centre, using many of its real-life case studies, makes a formidable impression in the minds of the young on the importance of cultivating the love for learning and sharing.

“This is something my family has taught me” says founder Thayalan. Eschewing limelight, he has quietly led this establishment since 1997, guiding KLC through its baby steps, watching it blossom into a full-fledged Ministry of Education (MOE) registered private school today, offering a complete spectrum of subjects for Primary up to Junior College school students, including career guidance and counselling services.

Attracting a like-minded team of devoted employees, KLC takes pride in providing equal opportunities for students coming from all walks of life. “Teachers here have a knack for motivating students who are not academically inclined.” says Ms. Susan Phang. As a parent of a student, Donovan, Ms. Phang, who has seen her son struggle in Maths, she adds, “They are able to break down abstract concepts into bite-size pieces to help visualise and digest.” Thanks to this method of reinforce, Donovan scored A1 for Maths in both his mid-year and year-end examinations.

If a craftsman is only as good as his tool, what else make lessons at KLC tick? Programmes like SHUTTLE Maths, Recorded Lessons, Night Marathon Classes and Computer-based Interactive Lessons are some of the novel approaches adopted by KLC to strengthen their concepts and confidence. Besides mobile applications like WhatsApp and LINE enabling students to engage teachers even after classes, classrooms are also made accessible for students to do their self-study from Monday to Saturdays. “Teaching is all about understanding the child’s psyche,” says Mdm Yew, the head of Maths at KLC. As a former career teacher, and now a mentor at MOE, she believes firmly in ‘engage-first, educate-next’ policy when it comes to tapping students’ potential. All lesson plans and worksheets here are therefore based on this principle.

Free tuition is provided for students who can’t afford fees, while subsidies are provided to help others pursue their desired course. Promising students are offered sponsorships to embark on further studies. “To me, KLC signifies conviction”, says Darren, who, from his Secondary Four Normal Technical class, topped his cohort to get enrolled in Secondary Four Normal Academic course. He eventually took up additional maths, scored a distinction, and excelled in his O’ Level examinations. If converting a B-grader to A reflects competency of a centre, what about one that diametrically alters the course of a student from a dropout to a success?

Watching these events unfold, while touring the centre, the slogan ‘Excellence through Professionalism’ is hard to miss; it’s on posters and banners strung around the centre exemplifying the ethos of this organisation. This “state-of-the-heart” centre, with its walls adorned with prolific sayings, is a leading example of the KLC’s pupil-centric approach that is producing the next wave of transformational thinkers challenging them to become the change they want to see of this world. “Seeing these kids, will motivate many others”, says Alan.

After more than fifteen years of investing and inspiring the minds of youngsters, Alan and his groundbreaking team of educators are a continuing example of how KLC works to help keep its pupils, parents and importantly Kovan abuzz with excitement and fulfillment.

At KLC, the future is at work!

Contact Details:
22 Yio Chu Kang Road #02-07
Highland Centre S(545535)
T| 6282 5560
F| 6487 6044
E| kovanlearningcentre@yahoo.com.sg

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