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Name of Recipient:
Miss A. Hema

On one very fine day, in 1996, Miss A. Hema vouched for herself that she shall not compose a resume ever again. “I grew tried of working for others.” Miss Hema explicated her sentiments after working in a plethora of Multinational Corporations (MNCs) for a multitude of years. “I was inspired by my husband, who is an entrepreneur. I wanted to be like him.” Miss Hema also revealed her motivation for commencing her entrepreneurship.

Uni Connect, a stylized form for Universal Connect; initiated in 1998, with just 3 employees. Today, the company has a score of personnel. Uni Connect is a company, which seeks and proffers technology talents to high-tech industries focusing on Research & Development. What Uni Connect offers is highly trained manpower, with first-rate qualifications such as Masters Degrees and PhDs, from all over the world. Being an Engineer herself, Miss Hema innately possesses a distinctive talent, the ability to connect with people well in all levels. “I am able to think in collaboration with my clients, able to understand their needs and concerns. This was why I chose this industry.” Miss Hema disclosed. As Miss Hema worked in India and traveled to China much, finding talents is an cinch for her.

Notwithstanding Miss Hema’s proficiency, Uni Connect was initialized at a precarious period. The Asian financial crisis was still going on, and 3 years later, the September 11 attacks struck, shaking industries all over the globe. Uni Connect was left stranded, and has to resort to being parsimonious. “After these incidents, we did not have any customer for more than half a year. Expenses racked up to more than 10,000SGD each month.” Miss Hema reminisced. “At that point of time, I had 2 options; to shut down the firm, or move ahead.” Miss Hema, decided to choose the latter, to carry on Uni Connect.

“I chose to move ahead and did not want to give up.” Miss Hema elucidated. “We took a methodical approach, which was to solve problems one by one, whichever comes first.” Along the way, Miss Hema was able to encounter many mentors, who have been benevolent enough to guide Uni Connect out of its hitches. “I owe it to them for Uni Connect’s success today. At that point of time, I did everything I could, taking loans, down-size the office, and many other measures.” Miss Hema commented. “One of our customers then offered a business opportunity in a different model, that was our breakthrough.” You take one step and the divine takes 10 steps to guide you through, she says.

What makes Uni Connect so imposing in the industry is the service it provides. “We provide end to end service.” said Miss Hema. “We provide talents from any part of the world to our customers. Customers deem this as value added service.” Miss Hema then continued: “These talents are very highly trained, and as Singapore is small and full of technologies, these talents find Singapore a very good place for their work.”

Having went through a profusion of entrepreneurial ventures, and running 2 businesses, Uni Connect and Ampere; an electric bike company, concurrently, without doubt, Miss Hema is a bona fide entrepreneur. “Most of our customers have been with us for the past 10 years. It is my pride and joy to see such loyal customers.” Miss Hema indicated her past entrepreneurial achievements. However, Miss Hema’s accomplishments go beyond just herself. Miss Hema was able to make charitable achievements when Ampere was able to provide 1200 electric three wheelers to the State Commission for the differently abled in Chennai In India. What makes Miss Hema jubilant is the team spirit in her ventures: “We have a very integrated and committed team. As the staffs, workers are committed to what they do, success wouldn’t be possible without them.”

To be able to acquire your own career path at your own whims is certainly a blessing for being an entrepreneur. “Entrepreneurship is all about freedom. Certainly, it’s also about not compromising on family values, just because of business. It’s the ability to empower myself to make that freedom, to schedule my own calendar.” Miss Hema gave a revitalizing definition to entrepreneurship. “Entrepreneurship is also about developing innovative ideas which can evolve in business for growth, scale and sustenance.”

Through her course of entrepreneurship, Miss Hema had met many mentors and motivators, rooting her for every decision she makes. “I have to thank my husband for making me try my very best.” Miss Hema mentioned. “I also have to thank Prof Hang Chang Chieh, my business partner for the ebike business, Ampere. He patiently pushed me to go for the extra mile. To me, Prof Hang is the driving force for my entrepreneurship.” Miss Hema went on to add: “I am blessed to have such a great mentor guiding me.”

A successful entrepreneur should not bite the hand that feeds. “A successful entrepreneur will always have an abundant of gratitude for his or her teachers, parents and mentor, along with the people who had helped him or her make success possible. In addition, an entrepreneur should have faith in him or her.” Miss Hema made this revelation. “Choose an industry, and try to gain some experience working in it. Try understanding every aspect of it, and create an idea, identify your mentors early. Be sure to talk to the right people as well.” Miss Hema advocates young people yearning to start their own entrepreneurship.

Miss Hema also shared some of Uni Connect’s expansion plans for the future. “We want to setup a team with design services, as our clients need not just engineers to build a device, designers are required as well.” Miss Hema continued: “Therefore, we can shorten our process of searching the talents in a full team and provide more efficiency.”

With these implementations, the future for Uni Connect looks prolific.

With certainty, Miss Hema is a superlative role model for any budding entrepreneur out there.

Contact Details:
3 Shenton Way #08-02
Shenton House S(068805)
T| 6325 1262
E| malar@uniconnect.com.sg

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