Forte Engineering Pte Ltd


Name of Recipient:
Mr. Choo Bock Kee

FORTE Engineering Pte Ltd is a company incorporated on 16 September 1993 that specializes in a myriad of services, namely, Air-conditioning and Mechanical Ventilation systems for commercial, industrial and residential clients; providing consultancy and contracting services; providing cost-effective project management services; design, supplying and installing aircon control systems. In March 2009, FORTE Engineering expanded into providing building services, servicing and maintenance, retrofitting, A&A including installation works. A diversity move by which show their capabilities and experiences to serve their clients even better, hence… FORTE Building Services Pte Ltd.

Today, FORTE Engineering Pte Ltd is a 20-year established home-growth business in Singapore, from 147 sq metres rented JTC flatted factory to a 815 sq metres owned 4-Storey terrace factory in Bukit Batok Crescent – hiring 102 members of the staff under his care.

When asked about his decision to become an entrepreneur, Mr Choo said, “it was a dream of mine to become a business owner”. To Mr Choo, the major attraction of owning his own company is that he is allowed more freedom to follow his own mission and vision. Moreover, Mr Choo remains jovial in his journey because he mentioned that he enjoys the constant challenge of being a business owner.

It seems that going into the engineering industry is a calling for Mr Choo, this is because he has always been interested in this area of expertise. He said that him joining this industry is a great opportunity to tap into his interest and expertise.

The initial journey is not all that smooth sailing. Opportunities and pluckiness are two important elements that created today, FORTE Engineering Pte Ltd. Every business experience counts. It is obvious that the company has been through tough times, however, what is more laudable is the company’s ability to overcome those tough times. Mr Choo mentioned that he was literally doing a “one man show” during the early days of operations. This is primarily because there is a lack of funds in the company. Nevertheless, Mr Choo’s “never say die” attitude kept him moving forward, and finally, his efforts started paying rewards, and within a few years, more business opportunities came knocking on FORTE Engineering’s door.

When asked about the major distinctive features of FORTE Engineering, Mr Choo proudly said, “all the loyal employees” and credibility comes from his own products, followed by a management team to progress the growth and development of it. Mr Choo believed in strategizing for the growth of FORTE Engineering:-

• “Growth resembles a ladder, focus on strategies from the lowest rung of ladder, steadily and gradually move up”
• “Doing it right the first time, everytime…” and rectify idea that do not work effectively, swop with alternative ideas, test the market and survey the result to fit into business operations”

It seems that FORTE Engineering resembles more of a family than a workplace. All employees work happily and they are committed because they believe the vision of the company being the right choice for best quality and service. Moreover, FORTE Engineering teams are highly skilled and seasoned professionals in the field. This certainly gives FORTE Engineering an edge over its competitors because customers trust the company’s judgment and technical know-how.

Furthermore, Mr Choo says that his proudest achievement in the construction world of business is the ability to form close personal relationships with others. He went on to elaborate that he is extremely happy to see many of his employees grow into good people and contribute to society. He further stated that it is with great joy that he sees his employees functioning as a team and working as a unit for the benefit of the company. As one can easily see, FORTE Engineering is a united team that works for a common goal in mind, rather than individual credit.

Even with all the success, Mr Choo is still not allowing himself to be complacent. He said, “if you don’t innovate, don’t think, you will be eliminated”. This is the climate of the business world in Singapore, as it rules by “survival of the fittest”. FORTE Engineering continues to strive for greater excellence in their service-based businesses and to adapt to the changing times in achieving full job satisfaction to meet customers’ needs. “FORTE” – a customized product and excellence services were provided to customers. Reliability and lasting life span products generally gave the clients more confidence in FORTE Engineering.

Mr Choo urged all potential employer to think about the harmony and cohesion of the team before going into the world of business. He said, “To be a leader, you must always remember that the management needs the help of the team”. Simple words of advice that cannot be more true, as one can clearly see, it was team work that gave FORTE Engineering success, and it is team work that will ensure the continuing success for FORTE Engineering in the years to come.

Contact Details:
31 Bukit Batok Crescent #01-05
The Splendour S(658070)
T| 6339 9229
F| 6749 5235

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