Lee Thong Auto Service

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Lee Lee Leng

Lee Thong Auto service is a company that provides all sorts of repair work for automobiles, general servicing, and deals with motor insurance claims.

It can be said, the owner, Mr Lee grew up around automobiles, as he says that his father opened a gas station in 1968, when he was only thirteen years old. This early exposure to cars and motor vehicles has led to a life-long passion for Mr Lee. He went on to highlight that while his father prefers him to handle administrative work, he prefers the hands-on challenge of the business. While he does not have much training, Mr Lee managed to gain much experience working from the ground up, and picking up skills along the way.

When asked about his reasons to join this industry, Mr Lee says that he has a genuine passion for the industry and after his National Service; he decided to commit all his hard work and focus into the auto service line.

The initial stages of his journey was not smooth sailing, as a young Mr Lee thought the business was going to be an easy one. He mentioned that through his trials and tribulations, not only has he learnt valuable skills, it has also humbled him. Now, Mr Lee talks about the importance of learning, as he believes that everyone should be a serious in their apprenticeship, if they are interested in learning a craft. In addition, Mr Lee also talks about the importance of constant self-improvement. For example, he gave the example of automobiles in the late 90’s with inbuilt computerized systems. He mentions that he had to start from scratch and learn about the new features just like everybody else. Clearly, what is obvious is that one can never stop learning, as the times will always be changing.

Lee Thong Auto stands apart from many in the industry because they have been around for a very long time. With that much time in the business, it is only to be expected that everyone at the company is highly experienced to deal with any situation. As mentioned, the company makes a strong emphasis on constant upgrading of knowledge, as such, Lee Thong Auto will be able to deal with even the latest technology.

Mr Lee is extremely proud of the fact that he has made many lasting friendships through his business. Moreover, everyone at Lee Thong Auto is also proud of the fact that they have been able to serve a loyal customer base for so many years.

Lee Thong Auto believes in serving customers with sincerity and quality. The team at Lee Thong Auto believes in giving their customers the best standard of service possible, in addition, they are also friendly, so that customers will feel safe and assured that their automobiles are in good hands. Mr Lee said, “customers must have trust and confidence in a company’s abilities”, and it is clearly with this direction in mind that everyone at Lee Thong Auto seek to work towards.

When asked about his main source of motivation, Mr Lee says that he is very thankful for the support shown by all his close friends. He mentions that the journey of entrepreneurship is oftentimes lonely, and never easy, however, through the kind words and encouragements from his friends, he managed to attain the success that he worked so hard to get.

“A person must be knowledgeable about the industry he or she is entering”, Mr Lee said when asked about the necessary qualities required for a person to be successful in business. He goes on to say that knowledge is the major deciding factor between success and failure. He also talks about how a businessperson must have the technical know-hows and knowledge; this is because employees will not respect an employer with no experience or skill.

Clearly, Lee Thong Auto is a company that has not only survived, but also thrived even after the changing of times. Clearly, this stands as clear proof that the company is one that has a discipline to offer standard and quality to all customers. It is also these very traits that will ensure that Lee Thong Auto stay ahead of the pack and maintain success for many more years to come.

Contact Details:
1004 Bukit Merah Lane 3
#01-21 S(159720)
T| 6278 2184
E| david.lee2912@gmail.com

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